School Zone - Numbers 1-100 Flash Cards - Ages 4 and Up, Numbers 1-100, Numberical Order, Addition & Subtraction, Counting, Skip Counting, Grouping, and More

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Product Description Find our complete line of educational resources at CARD FEATURES 56 cards; 50 double-sided number cards, 3 counting cards for reference, 1 game card with rules, 1 odd/even card, 1 parent card For ages 4 and up Large 3.0” x 5.575” cards with easy-to-sort rounded corners Practice counting, identifying even/odd numbers and skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s Includes numbers 1 to 100 Develop speed, accuracy, and confidence Perfect for on-the-go learning! AMAZING - With School Zone Flash Cards, 1 to 100 is not such a long way, but to your little one, counting all that way seems like such a long journey. You can help make it fun and educational at the same time by introducing numbers in a number of different ways. These flash cards also help your child understand the difference between even and odd numbers. Plus, work with counting cards to help your child develop the skill of counting by 2s, by 5s, and by 10s. The journey to 100 isn't all that far when there are so many fun ways to learn how to get there! This set is perfect for home or school and is intended for children aged 4 and above. FLASHCARDS - Kids and parents who use our flashcards for practice testing are using one of the most effective learning techniques available. A hundred years of research shows practice testing is highly likely to boost retention. Learning skills through gameplay is an excellent strategy for many reasons. They are fun and motivating, and games also tend to help children deepen their understanding and reasoning. Because games feel more like play than work, they can encourage kids to explore and experiment with concepts more freely. RESULTS - Our learning materials have helped educate three generations of kids, creating lifelong learners, and the legacy continues. Digital content, flash cards, workbooks, readers, toys, and games all are crafted through a child's eyes while integrating parent and teacher standards. PREPARATION - Let us help you prepare your young child for the next grade level with our workbooks, flash cards, books and a Little Scholar Tablet. Keep kids "classroom ready" with these great supplemental learning tools and more! AWARD WINNING - School Zone content has won The Parents' Choice Foundation Award, Tillywig Toy Awards, Brainchild Award, Family Choice Award, Mom's Choice Awards Honoring Excellence, Gold Star Toy Scholastic Parent and Child Award and many more. School Zone Publishing - Nourishing Young Minds OUR STORY - Almost 40 years ago, long-time educators James Hoffman, Ed.D., and his wife Joan Hoffman, M.A., began a retail supply outlet for teachers, then soon identified a need for at-home learning materials to help parents support and supplement their children's classroom instruction. School Zone Publishing fast emerged as the market leader in workbooks and flashcards for preschoolers through sixth graders. School Zone remains family-owned, focused on excellence, responsive to customers, alert to emerging technology, and committed to the community. We continually update our products with new features and content, reflective of changing standards, evolving teaching methods, and overall best practices. As just one example, we update our workbook curriculum on an as-needed basis to address changing standards such as those presented by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and Common Core. Review This is a great product especially for the price! The reviews on the cards being too thin are silly! I think they are the perfect thickness! My 4 year old has been struggling with the numbers 13-19 and this is really going to help him distinguish the differences! I got the pack that goes to 100 so we can continue to count higher as he is ready. Awesome product, I recommend it! --Amazon I love these. We use them everyday. Very sturdy and durable. Nice product --Amazon i love these. my son is out for the summer and i wanted to make sure he didn't f


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