SbS Silicone Spoon Rests, Utensil Holder for Kitchen Set of 2 in Black and Gray, Extra Large Size

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Improve Your Kitchen with High-Quality Silicone Spoon Rests - Don't settle for mediocre spoon rests any longer. Cooking can get messy sometimes. If you are using utensils such as spoons during the cooking process, you understand the importance of having somewhere convenient to sit your spoons and utensils down without having to worry about making a mess. SbS's Low Profile Spoon Rests come in a two pack containing either a Red and Gray or Gray and Black spoon rest, and provide a versatile and dependable space for resting spoons while cooking. The custom-molded design is unique and modern, and offers numerous uses. These spoon rests are made from high quality, food grade silicone, which is far thicker and stronger than other silicone spoon rests, ensuring a more sturdy and stable performance. SbS's spoon rests are designed to easily stack for your convenience, wipe clean in a matter of seconds, and are completely dishwasher safe. They can even handle over and freezer temperatures! The low-profile lip of the spoon rest ensures that and size spoon or utensil will fit and remain stable. Other silicone spoon rests can flip over when trying to handle the weight of larger utensils -- not so with an SbS spoon rest. Improve your kitchen and cooking experience by ordering our two-pack of silicone spoon rests today!


  • Big enough to fit all cooking utensils such as spatulas, tongs, BBQ brushes and forks, chopsticks, ladles, strainers, coffee spoons and more. The extra large Silicone Spoon rest comes in a multi value 2 pack in colorful red and gray and will ensure no more spills or drops.
  • Our durable silicone spoon rests are heat resistant and can be thrown into the dishwasher with your pots and pans for a super easy clean. The spoon rests also wipe down very easily, no scrubbing required.
  • This kitchen utensil holder is made from 100 percent sturdy, high grade silicon that has been made extra strong, you will transfer your spoons, utensils, ladle, spatula and other kitchen gadgets from stove to the sink with no spills.
  • The Silicone Spoon rests are made from 100 percent BPA free high grade silicone that is heat resistant and non toxic. Perfect for resting your silicone kitchen utensils and doubles as a trivet.
  • UNIQUE AND STYLISH. Our design is unique and stylish and is also light weight and stackable. This spatula holder, spoon holder for stove top, coffee spoon holder is the perfect addition to homes that have limited space such as apartments, dorms, RVs and motorhomes.

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