Sally's Organics 16-Ounce Blue Glass Bottles w/Black Soap Pumps - Large 16oz Size is Refillable and Great in The Kitchen or Bathroom for Essential Oils, Lotions, and Liquid Soaps (2 Pack)

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When you purchase our blue glass soap bottles, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Their conservative, modern design will complement any decor, whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen. It will look stunning sitting on the counter, next to the sink, or in the shower. One of the benefits of these bottles is that they’re UV-resistant. They’ll protect your precious liquids from harmful UV rays. Ultraviolet rays have been known to break down the chemical makeup of certain liquids. The glass is lead-free and the blue coloring of the glass will resist penetrating UV rays, but it’s not completely opaque and dark. It’s clear and see through enough for you to detect when you need to refill your bottle. Store a variety of soaps, oils, lotions, or any other liquid material inside! When you buy, you’ll receive a pair of bottles. These 2 bottle packs make it convenient for you to store shampoo and conditioner. You could also put one in the kitchen and the other one in the bathroom. These bottles are fashioned from soda-lime-silica glass. The hand pump is BPA-free which and they’re dishwasher safe, so you can just throw it in the dishwasher when it needs a good cleaning. At Sally’s Organics, we’re committed to making organically produced, ethically sourced, effective products. We learned from our grandmother, Sally, how important it is to choose organic products. They are better for your health and overall well-being. We want all of our customers to have a happy, healthy lifestyle, and we believe that our organic products can help. We care about our customers. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us, and we’ll refund you your money back. Trust Sally Organics for quality products.


  • GORGEOUS HOME ACCESSORIES: These glass bottles are designed for a prime and appealing appearance. The blue-colored glass will complement any kitchen or bathroom. They go well with stainless steel appliances, creating a striking silver and blue contrast. These bottles measure at a convenient 16 ounces, so you'll always have plenty of soap!
  • UV PROTECTION: The glass protects your liquids against degradation and breakdown from harmful UV rays. Ultraviolet light has been known to diminish the potency of certain liquids. Whatever ingredients are in your soap, these premium storage containers will preserve them.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: These glass bottles are much better all around compared to plastic dispensers. They are lead-free which helps protect the environment from hazardous wastes, and the glass is crafted from durable soda-lime-silica. It's also dishwasher safe for your convenience. The black hand spigot is made out of BPA-free material.
  • CONVENIENTLY REFILLABLE: Our round glass bottles can contain up to 16 ounces of liquid. You can pour hand soap, detergent, dish soap, body lotion, hand cream, sanitizer, essential oils, bath blends, massage oil, face cleansers, shampoo, or conditioner inside. When it's empty, just pop off the hand pump and refill with your favorite product!
  • PREMIUM SALLY'S ORGANICS PRODUCTS: At Sally's Organics, we strive to deliver designer home accents that are both environmentally friendly and attractive. We pride ourselves on our decorative yet functional products. We care about our customers. That's why we work hard to ensure they're 100% satisfied with each purchase. If you're not happy with your product, contact us, and we'll give you a refund.

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