Royal Filter Cone Holders, 10 Inch, Package of 1

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Bringing down the need to replace cooking oil frequently, these Filter Cone Holders are capable of generating a lot of profit for the restaurant business. While securing the filter cone in its place, it proves to be a highly effective means for increasing the life of fryer oil. Filter Cone Holders not only support the process of filtering the frying oil, but also help the filter cones to take out smoking smell and the unpleasant taste arising out of old food particles which get left in cooking oil.


  • USE WITH filter cones! These filter cone holders effectively hold filter cones in place. Filtering fryer oil is an effective way of increasing the life of the oil.
  • INCREASE THE LIFE OF FRYER OIL! Filtering fryer oil on a regular basis will help extend the life of the oil. By getting rid of old food particles left in the oil, the risk of having oil that produces bad tasting foods is decreased.
  • SAVE MONEY! Using this product allows you to filter, not replace, or fryer oil. By using this product, you will extend the life of the oil and increase the amount of time between changing your fryer's oil.
  • SAFETY FIRST! In any restaurant or workplace setting, safety is very important. These filter cones help improve safety by promoting the use of the machines automatic filtration systems. Take proper precautions for your staff, and filter your fryer's oil!
  • IMPROVE TASTE! Using filter cones helps to remove smoking and unpleasant taste from used cooking oils. This will help lead to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business!

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