Roving Cove Corner Protector (16 Corners), Soft Furniture Corner Safety Bumper Guard, Heavy-Duty, 3M Adhesive Pre-Taped, Onyx Black

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  • GENUINE ROVING COVE PRODUCT: Roving Cove is a New York registered trademark is owned by Mayapple Baby of Brooklyn, NY. All of our product reviews are authentic. None of our "Verified Purchase" reviewers were given free or discounted products for their "unbiased" review. Beware of scam reviews. Beware of phantom sellers.
  • PUREST: Roving Cove uses the safest and purest raw material available and was the first brand to make foam safety bumpers without the use of toxic flame-retardant chemicals (SCCPs). This product contains no BPA, no phthalates, no heavy metals, no latex, no SCCPs. Inherently flame-resistant; passed flammability tests under US regulations.
  • DENSEST: Density is more important than thickness when it comes to softening impact. Roving Cove cushions measure Shore A Durometer of 20-30, much more than the industry standard of 12-15. Soft, high-density, premium L-shaped cushions absorb impact and protect your loved ones from the hard, sharp corners and edges in your home, school, daycare, preschool, hospital, assisted living facility, senior housing, work area, office, museum, restaurant, hotel and more.
  • EXTRA CORNERS: Value Pack includes 16 premium, L-shaped corner cushions, enough to fit 4 tables, the most of any product on the market. You almost always need more than four!
  • SECURE ADHESION: Includes authentic easy-to-peel 3M double-sided tape (64 pieces of tape: 4 pieces of tape for each of the 16 corner cushions). See photos at left for proper tape alignment. Onyx color goes well with dark oak, dark walnut, ebony, mahogany, dark cherry, or black, granite or dark-colored furniture, such as tables, chairs, chests, shelves, stairs and fireplaces/hearths. | All text and photos/images in this product listing are copyrighted materials. 2012-2015 Mayapple Baby

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Roving Cove Corner Protector 16 Corners Soft Furni, is it available on Amazon?

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This is a great price to buy! There's a 37% probability this price will be higher. Our advice is Buy it now.

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