RNYAMOR Traditional Hand Forged Wok Ladle, Chinese Egg Dumpling Fry Ladle Iron Spoon for Stir-Fry with Wooden Handle, 16.5 Inch Long

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Traditional Hand Forged Wok Ladle, Chinese Egg Dumpling Ladle Iron Spoon for Stir-Fry with Wooden Handle Overall Length: 16.5Inches Wooden Grip Length: 5 Inches Weight: 0.54lb. Product Feature: Hand Forging Craft: This iron wok ladle is made of high purity wrought iron. It is hand hammered by Chinese blacksmith. Fine Processing: Surface is well crafted by sand polishing. Edge and joint part is sleek, it will not hurt your pot or your hand when you wash it. Heat-Resistant Design: Hollow but sturdy iron pole and wood handle, your hand will not be scalded by heat. Sturdy and Durable: Thick and sturdy for for whole parts including the joint part, it can last for tens of years under proper care. Hole in the end of the handle is for hanging. Versatile: This ladle has a half ball shaped spoon head. You can use it to stir fry dishes, serve soup, make egg dumplings, fry small amount of chili oil or pepper oil, etc. Here are some tips for our iron cooking products: 1.There is some oil residue on the surface when you receive our products, please use gentle detergent and soft sponge to wash it before use. 2.The wok is made of iron which is able to supplement iron elements needed by the human body. Not like stainless steel, the iron element is more active, so it is possible to rust. 3.The best way to prevent rust is to use it regularly. Please use as little detergent as possible to clean and keep it dry after cleaning. 4.It will turn from blue black to black after a period of use. This process plays a role in rust prevention. 5.If you don’t use it for a long time, please apply a layer of cooking oil on it to prevent rust. 6. If it is rusted, you can remove the


  • Shopping guide: This item is a wrought iron ladle for frying. So although it can also be used to hold soup, it is obviously not the best choice for soup. The material of The ladle is not stainless steel, it is made by hand hammering with wrought iron. Cooking oil and high heat are its best partners. It needs to keep dry after use. It may rust if it is immersed in water for a long time.
  • Wooden handle: The wooden handle is fixed at the end of the hollow iron handle by copper nails. It prevents liquid from entering the hollow iron handle for easier cleaning and better protection against rust.
  • Ferroferric Oxide Coating and Healthy: This kitchen utensil has a blue-black coating. The chemical composition of the coating is ferroferric oxide(Fe3O4), which is formed by high-temperature calcination.
  • Moderate Size: 17'' overal length; weight: 0.52lb. Moderate length and weight, ideal for both home and commercial use. A good choice for Chinese restaurant chefs.
  • Versatile: We can use it to stir fry dishes, fried rice, fried noodles, make egg dumplings, fry small amount of chili oil or pepper oil. It can also be used as a mini wok to fry eggs, pancakes, etc. But the ladle is not suitable for coated non-stick pans, as it may scratch the coating of non-stick pans.

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