Red Pickled Beni Shoga Ginger Spears, Japanese Tsukemono, Kosher Asian Condiment Imported for Japanese cooking and snacking, Pack of 2

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Although an apple a day is surely healthy, Japanese cuisine has gifted the world with the concept of having a helping of Beni Shoga (Red Ginger) to promote health and wellbeing.  Ginger is a rhizohme, tangy, potent and spicy in its own right. Gingersol, the compound in ginger, provides outstanding healing properties, enabling a better digestion, lowering cholesterol, boosting the immune system, and according to some even preventing cancer.  Asian food and cooking, for centuries, promoted not just culinary excellence and sharp, delicious contrasting tastes, but also favored foods that had medicinal and health benefits.   The very acidic Benishoga is a prime example of an Asian condiment that begins with a very healthy ingredient, Ginger, and makes that ginger more potent with fermentation.  The solution that brines the Beni-Shoga is a byproduct of the picking of Ume, a sour acidic Asian fruit.  The end result is a pickled condiment that is sour, healthy, tangy and creates a perfect complement to any fried or heavy dishes.  Whether creating a classic Japanese rice bowl, experimenting with Ramen noodles, stir-frying Asian style, batter-dipping fish and veggies, or creating a hearty Asian meat dish, the sour Benishoga pickle is an Asian staple ingredient you will want in your pantry. (Try our Best of Thailand “Low Sodium” Soy Sauce or other Asian Sauces here to expand your Japanese cooking ingredients)   ★ Kosher Parve OK ★ Refrigerate after opening


  • RED PICKLED GINGER SPEARS, a type of Japanese pickle called Benishoga, is created out of julienned ginger root fermented in umezu, the pickling solution used to make pickled ume (an apricot like fruit). Benishoga is sour and spicy and complements heavier foods, such as Japanese fried dishes.
  • JAPANESE COOKING RECIPES feature Pickled Ginger Beni Shoga in popular dishes such as Okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes), Takoyaki (filled dough appetizer) Yakisoba (stir-fried noodles), Gyudon (rice and beef dish), Tempura (batter-dipped, fried fish), Teriyaki and moire.
  • QUALITY IMPORTED GINGER is from Thailand dubbed the "Kitchen of the World" for its abundant resources and high standard of food production. The product is certified Kosher pareve. The delicious tang taste of the ginger has a long shelf life as it is brined in a very strongly acidic solution.
  • TSUKEMONO, JAPANESE PICKLES, are based on ancient Asian recipes made fresh and new with our imported line of Exotic Asian Condiments, easy to deliver, even to locales with no local Asian marketplace. We bring the world's exotic ingredients to your doorstep.

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