RASA Original – Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Alternative | Vegan, Keto, Whole 30, Ayurveda Wellness Tonic with Chaga + Reishi (8 oz. / 30 Servings)

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Time to break up with coffee? Looking for a better option than tea? We've got you. Rasa combines the best of Ayurvedic, Chinese & Western Herbalism in a delicious coffee alternative that will reinvent your morning ritual. When it comes to coffee, we get it, and we know that any old substitute just won't cut it. So we developed Rasa with a combination of 12 powerhouse herbs, including 7 adaptogens, that nourish your adrenals rather than taxing them, and give you that dark, earthy brew you're craving. (While also helping you be less of a stress-case & providing smooth, calm energy all darn day.) How does it taste? In a blind taste test, Rasa was the favorite compared to 5 other coffee alternatives, and was described as: "Dark, Yummy, Rich, Potent, Smooth, Earthy, Herby, Nutty, Healthy, and YAY!" Like coffee, most people prefer Rasa with something creamy. Delish hot, cold, or Bulletproofed!


  • STARTED BY A MOM: Hi, I'm Lopa, the founder of Rasa. We call me "Rasa Mama," because not only am I "Mama" to Rasa, but also to 2 beautiful boys...in fact, my eldest was my inspiration to start Rasa. He was 4 months old. I was tired AF. I needed energy, but knew coffee makes me anxious. I tried all the coffee alternatives. Frankly, most of them kind of sucked. I saw an opportunity, and like a crazy person, I started a business while mothering a 5-month old. FORTUNATELY...
  • IT'S REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD FOR YOU: The adaptogens in Rasa give you CALM, STABLE ENERGY. We believe adaptogens are the best medicine for today's society (hello, stress? Is that you, *everywhere*?). They work with your nervous & endocrine systems to help you *adapt* to stress, while nourishing your adrenals & boosting mental clarity. Our coffee alternative is balanced to be both nourishing & energizing. We first tested Rasa on a group of coffee-lovers at a Thanksgiving dinner. They LOVED it!
  • BREW IN 10 MINUTES, ALONE OR WITH COFFEE: Ground Rasa is faster & more convenient than Whole Rasa. Brew in a French press, Moka pot, Aeropress, Keurig or Nespresso (with reusable pods), percolator, espresso machine, or disposable tea bag. Delicious hot or cold, Bulletproofed, in smoothies, or brewed with coffee to help balance out coffee's side effects with some adrenal nourishment. Like coffee, most people prefer Rasa with something creamy. Check out our delicious Rasa Recipes below!
  • DARK, RICH, & ROASTY: Many people say it tastes just like coffee. Many others say it has a taste all its own! Why the difference? Well, if you think about it, some people love tomatoes & some hate them. Everyone's palate-& association with coffee-is different! We will never add "natural flavors" to make it more coffee-like-that's not how we roll. Due to Amazon's policies, grocery items are non-returnable. IF YOU DON'T LOVE YOUR RASA PLEASE CONTACT US! We are here to serve & want you to be happy!
  • OBSESSIVELY SUSTAINABLE ORGANIC HERBS: Rasa Koffee is free of: gluten, caffeine, sugar, coffee, or grains. Our bags are compostable, with 12 sustainably grown all-star adaptogenic herbs, chosen to nourish your adrenals and preserve your energy, while making sure we're not jerks to the Earth. Our small team is passionate about sharing the most accessible adaptogen drink on the market, and at $.63/cup, it's priced so you can afford to drink it daily, as adaptogens are intended to be consumed. 💛

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