Rabbit Hay Feeder Rack --- Mess-Free Food Dispenser - Guarantees Clean and Dry Hay, Alfalfa and other Grasses - Also Ideal for Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters - Attaches to any cage Conveniently

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A rabbit's day is always complete if fed with enough hay. They grow and flourish healthily once this is available to them at all times since this is very helpful for their digestive system. How you present and supply this fiber and nutrients source is also as essential to keep them vigorous. It is crucial to find solution of keeping the hay dry and clean at all times. Rabbit Hay Feeder by SunGrow is a perfect partner in making meal time more pleasurable for these enthusiastic eaters.

This white hay rack with metal holder dispenses food conveniently in an organized manner while reducing wastage and frequent refills. Your jumpy fellows are also assured of a clean and unsoiled food since hays are being kept securely in a durable, spring-loaded wire mesh. There are less chances of having scattered hays being soiled by urine or feces and for her to eat the same set of hay that she has walked or sat on.

Easy to use, install and clean, this also offers comfort to pet parents. This makes taking care of your cute bunnies a more enjoyable and fulfilling activity.

Make sure that Natural Rabbit Chew Toys is also available inside her hutch as having something to chew on aside from their daily food supply is also important since their teeth grow continuously throughout life. To create a more natural environment and to have a place to rest after an active play, consider having a Portable Grass Bed as well.


  • ✔ NO-MESS HAY DISPENSER FOR RABBITS--- Hay plays an important role in a rabbit's diet. How you provide this source of fiber and nutrients to your bunnies is also important. Rabbit Hay Feeder by SunGrow helps make a pleasurable meal time in an organized manner keeping hay, alfalfa and other grasses dry and clean. It can also hold an ample day's supply with a little left-over for your energetic nibblers.
  • ✔ PROTECTS YOUR BUNNY'S FOOD FROM DIRT--- One of the valuable advantages of having this hay rack is that it keeps your cottontail's food off the floor. Scattered hays are most likely to get soiled by urine or feces. Not only that, chances are, she gets to eat the ones inside her hutch that she has been walking on or sitting on. Having a reliable food dispenser will surely keep your bunny away from such unpleasant situation.
  • ✔ EFFORTLESS CLEANING --- Cleaning this state-of-the-art hay manger is also as easy as using it. Simply discard unused food, wipe clean with damp cloth and mild detergent. Wipe off again with a clean moistened cloth to remove any residue left. Dry fully prior to returning it to your pet's hutch.
  • ✔ EASY TO INSTALL AND USE--- Installing this convenient feeder is also uncomplicated. You can just directly connect this to any wire cage. To fill and refill your pet's supply of food, you just have to lift the spring held bar.
  • ✔ STURDY AND SPRING LOADED--- Made from metal and hard quality plastic material, it provides durability to accompany your herbivore pet in all his growing years. This dispenser measures 7" (height) x 4" (depth) x 6" (width) and includes a spring loaded wire mesh cage which is about 6" (height) x 4" (width) that can hold the food up to a suitable height for eating. Aside from being used with rabbits, this is also ideal to use for other small animals such as guinea pigs chinchillas, hamsters and t

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