Pristain Platinum 100% Silicone Food-grade Plastic-free Collapsible Container- Microwave-safe, Dishwasher-safe, Environment-friendly (Orchid Pink)

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PRISTAIN PLATINUM SILICONE are premium containers, the first ones available in this genre, that are curated with finest platinum-grade silicone. They are exceptionally high quality, sturdy and crystal clear with an elegant contemporary design. You can prepare meals in them (in oven or microwave) and serve as is, and they look absolutely elegant on your dining table. We are confident that you will adore your purchase every time you use them. And you can use them forever as they are endlessly reusable! Freezer, Refrigerator, Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher-safe. Keeps food fresh with unique Air-valve technology. LUNCH OR SALAD BOX for school, office, camping or travel. USES: Perfect for baby food, travel, picnic and camping, storing fresh fruit and vegetables, saving leftovers, baking, heating food, and much more! WORKING TEMPERATURE RANGE IS -40 degree celsius to +230 degree celsius. STACKS FLAT FOR STORAGE. Unique design, versatile, perfect size and collapsible container. It helps save storage space when not in use BENEFITS OF PLATINUM-GRADE SILICONE OVER PLASTIC 1. Platinum- grade silicone is safe for food contact whereas plastic is a source of certain toxic chemicals which are harmful for health and can cause infertility, certain cancers and immune disorders 2. Platinum silicone is highly resistant to degradation by higher temperatures whereas plastics are highly prone and are known to leach chemicals at high temperatures. 3. Maintains its structural integrity and quality overtime. 4. Non-toxic and odorless: BPA-free, PVC-free, BPS-free, Phthalates-free, heavy metals-free and latex-free 5. 100% recyclable and non-hazardous. Can be used thousands of times! This makes it an Ocean, Environment-friendly and Planet-friendly choice. BEST FOODS TO USE YOUR PRISTAIN PLATINUM SILICONE CONTAINERS WITH- On the go snacks like pretzels, crackers, cereals, Fresh fruits, Fresh salads and vegetables. Best for baby foods, sandwiches, storing nuts, grains. And so much more!


  • Platinum-cured food-grade silicone is a premium and a far superior material compared to just peroxide-cured food-grade silicone. This silicone is 100% free of any fillers making them 100% safe for babies, kids and adults. They are an exclusive choice for people on their path to healthy living!
  • Plastic-free, BPA-free, Latex-free, PVC-free, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic Platinum-grade Silicone Containers
  • Far superior tenacity and solidity of construction compared to other available silicone containers
  • Get your food ready in minutes from freezer to microwave! Best for Lunch, Salad, Storage, Camping, Travel. Use for almost anything and everything in the kitchen and beyond!
  • Customize your own set with 2 colors and 4 sizes available- 800 ml (27 Floz), 1000 ml (34 Floz), 1200 ml (40 Floz) and 1500 ml (50 Floz)

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