Premium, High Quality Cherry Wood Wooden Tong, 12” Long Easy Grip Toaster Wooden Tongs, Bread Tong, Wood Tong Perfect for Toast, Salad, Vegetables, Meat and Grilled Food

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Just like majority of our clients, you still do not know it, but these toaster tongs will be an important piece of utensil in your kitchen drawer. This item is a life changer. Whether you’re a professional chef who can cook up a masterpiece plate and usually prepares a feast for family and friends; or a kitchen newbie trying to learn how to cook; or even someone who just wants to easily get that piece of muffin from the toaster without burning or electrocuting yourself, then you’ve come to the right place (or rather, listing). BICB’s tongs wooden won’t fail to amaze and impress. You’re probably thinking of your metal tongs right now. This is why we came up with this list to show you why this wooden bagel tongs is better than the metal ones. These wood serving tongs are perfect for food serving and preparation. The size won’t limit you to just using it for the toaster. Say goodbye to the fear of electrocuting yourself when getting that piece of bread. This is easy to use, not only for adults but for young ones too. All moms will feel safer knowing that the kids are not running around getting bread from toaster barehand or with something metal. Wooden tongs are not conductive. Even though you leave it on hot water while you’re cooking your pasta, for a long time, the wooden tong will stay cool. While we’re talking about pasta cooking, since the wooden tongs are not sharp, it won’t break the noodles when you stir them or serve them using the wooden tongs. They will not damage your expensive non-stick pots and pans. It won’t scratch the bottom of the pots and pans and won’t leave marks. They won’t make that screechy sound when a metal scrapes the pan too! Now, pick a toast, turn a bacon, and serve pasta with style with our wooden cooking tongs. Purchase this now and impress your family, friends, and visitors.


  • A KITCHEN MUST HAVE – Stay safe when toasting your bread, muffins and other pastries with BICB’s wood tongs. Say goodbye to carefully fishing your bread out of the toaster with a fork, trying not to get electrocuted or to trying to pinch a small part of the bread with your fingers, trying not to get burnt. This will be the best toaster, bread, muffins and bagel tongs you will ever find. It will keep your food clean, it will keep you away from the heat and it will be your new kitchen favorite!
  • HIGH QUALITY CHERRY WOOD – Our wooden tongs are made out of solid cherry wood. This kitchen tool is natural and eco-friendly. They are made lightweight and durable for a more comfortable and stress-free cooking for everyone. It will feel comfortable in your hands as you prepare meals for yourself and your family. They are functional, beautiful and will be a pretty addition to your kitchen. Give your tongs a little tender loving care once a month and wipe them with little food grade mineral oil.
  • PERFECT SIZE – These wooden kitchen tongs are made in Europe. It was designed to be long enough to keep you away from heat, and long enough to be multi-purpose. With the dimensions of 30cm x 4.5cm, it has a 0.5" to 1.5” gap that will make it useful not only for getting toast from your toaster but all around the kitchen as well. Use for getting ice, fruits, use to flip those bacon, get salad greens, it can be used during grilling and barbeque, use when serving pancakes, steak, salads and pasta
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE – BICB’s wood toaster tong is made from sustainably harvested wood. Apart from keeping you away from heat, these tongs will also keep you safe from food contamination. With our products, there is no chance of contaminating your food with glues and chemicals. It won’t give a funny taste or smell to your bread when you use them. To clean your toast tongs, wash them with warm soapy water and dry right away. We discourage the use of the dish washer, especially on drying cycle.
  • 100% SATISFCATION GUARANTEED – BICB prides itself on making products that are not only high quality, but useful and aesthetically pleasing as well. This is why we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee with every purchase of our wooden tongs for toaster. If you are not fully satisfied with BICB’s wooden tongs for cooking, then, contact us and receive a full refund

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