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Sleek Modular Aluminum Drawer Organizer - Take Control of Your Drawers With this Adjustable Dividers, A Unique and Simple Solution That Fits, Adjusts and Organizes - by Practical Comfort.

A drawer organizer that can adjust to the size and quantity of your items and make precious order out of the mess and clutter. Sporting a sleek design, the dividers are made to integrate smoothly with your current drawers. Don't lose any of the original space and convenience of your drawers - Just enhance it. The pieces expand, contract and slide to fit your drawer. They adjust to flatware, both small and large utensils, tools, office supplies, bathroom items and more. We are so happy to bring you a truly durable product. It's made of Aluminum and plastic that will provide value for years to come.

Product contains:
3 Long Aluminum Expandable Divider 19.7 inches long - extend to 22 inches.
6 Short Aluminum Sliding Dividers 3.8 inches long.
6 Plastic Slanted extensions for the compartment dividers 0.5 inch long.
12 Plastic Extensions 0.4 inch long.
6 Powerful reusable adhesive pads for the Long divider - leave no residue on the drawer.

Installation directions:

  • Extend the short dividers with the extensions / slanted extensions as needed.
  • Attach the short divider to the main divider until it clicks.
  • Stick the reusable adhesives pads to each end of the main divider.
  • Place the Long divider by sticking one end to the drawer wall and sliding out the other end until it sticks to the opposite drawer wall.
  • Adjust the compartment sizes by sliding the short dividers to the desired position.
  • We are confident that you will love our Adjustable Drawer Organizer.


  • MEASURE YOUR DRAWER DEPTH FIRST | Select the correct divider length-range (S/M/L) to effectively install inside your drawer. Then you are set to arrange and declutter your kitchen utensils, office supplies, junk drawer, utility drawer, crafts, and more! Check our product line variety for more options in quantity of dividers per set (6 / 9 / 12).
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR DRAWER SPACE TO ITS CONTENTS | Get your items organized with these sleek and durable adjustable drawer dividers with 1.65" height; use alone or combine with your drawer inserts or trays.
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE | Configure this modular drawer organizer to create your preferred design with the set of dividers and additional accessories included. Easily adapt compartment spaces to contents with the slidable dividers.
  • STYLISH AND ULTRA-DURABLE | Brushed aluminum and quality plastic attachments make for a design that is as elegant as it is strong, with a solid and compact build to allow more room for your things, without snapping under the pressure or compromising your drawer.
  • TOOLS-FREE INSTALLATION | Simply fit the main dividers to your drawer by sliding out the expanding ends, and fix them into place with the unique, no-residue, reusable adhesive pads. Create sub-compartments with the sliding dividers and extenders. ENJOY YOUR ORGANIZED DRAWERS NOW!

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