Podcast Marketing: How to Easily Grow Your Audience in the Thousands and Make a Lasting Impact with Your Brand

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If you want to consistently grow your listeners with no budget, keep reading…You started your podcast a little while ago and your first few episodes got amazing traffic and feedback! You saw your hard work paying off, and felt excited to be well on the way to the promised land: lots of recurring listeners. But, after the initial newbie gains, your listenership starts to plateau. Frankly, the curve flattens much faster and earlier than most like to admit.Honestly, you're not alone. Most podcasters face the exact same problem.People think podfading is a myth, but the stats prove otherwise...A stat you are likely familiar with is that if you get past your first 7 episodes, you are doing better than most. 50% of all podcasts published have less than 15 episodes…I’ll let you connect the dots.You love what you do. Not to mention that the stories you hear and your message are meaningful and deserve to be spread.However, it can be frustrating when you invest your time and energy into trying new things to grow your audience, only to see little to no results. If you've tried this, then you know the feeling.‘Podcasting marketing’ is any action that leads to the growth of your show and increased listenership. You’ve probably realised by now that marketing plays a huge role in:How quickly you can grow your podcastHow to build interest around your show to retain listenersHow you use social media as a tool to attract new listenersHow quickly you can reach 1000, 2000, 10,000 weekly downloads! I have taken many students from feeling confused and doubtful to clear and confident. One of my students got working with me shortly after starting his podcast. Within his first 6 months, he had over 15,000 downloads! He had an amazing show but just needed a clear marketing path to consistently grow. A lot of my methods are unconventional but effective. Less is more!It’s unfair that so many passion-driven podcasters spend all this time being active on every social media platform, trying to get big guests, and even sometimes spending money on ads that don't deliver, under the impression this is how to effectively grow an audience.It might come as a shock to you, these are non-listener generating activities, meaning they won’t help or sustain your growth.In Podcasting Marketing you will discover:How to organically growing your subscribers in the thousands How to use social media to grow your listeners on autopilot through positive ecosystems - Page 126A pitching template a friend of mine used to increase their monthly listeners by over 300% - Bonus #2How to scale your audience in the cheapest and easiest way using the PGL Strategy -Page 16811 tricks to skyrocket engagement in your community - page 51How to craft your compelling message to attract your tribe -Bonus #4How to turn a chore to a breeze using the Content Creation Cheat Sheet - Bonus #3How to optimise your podcast for growth with analytics - page 17The magic posting formula for each social media platform - Chapter 5Yes, this will work for you even if you’ve tried ‘proven strategies’ before to no avail. Even if you have zero marketing experience and little to no budget. Even if you’re no social media expert, or your podcast is extremely niche.Oh, and did I mention there are 4 bonus resources included in this book for free?If you’re ready to gain more listeners then scroll up and click the Add to Cart button.

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