Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook: 80 Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet Recipes Made Quick and Easy

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Product Description Learn to dish up perfect plant-based meals with an Instant Pot It’s easy to eat a plant-based diet when there’s an Instant Pot in the kitchen. Able to steam, sautee, and pressure cook all in one pot, this electric pressure cooker makes it simple to cook fresh vegetables to perfection. And the best part? It’s as easy as tossing the ingredients into the pot, setting it, and forgetting it until it’s done. Award-winning home cook Felicia Slattery shares her recipes that show why the Instant Pot was made for plant-based dining. This plant-based cookbook includes: PLANT-BASED BASICS―Discover the different approaches to plant-based eating, why it’s so healthy, and how it’s a perfect fit for the Instant Pot. INSTANT POT ESSENTIALS―This beginner-friendly choice in Instant Pot cookbooks makes it easy to start cooking amazing dishes as soon as you get your Instant Pot out of its box. EASY, WHOLESOME RECIPES―Find simple and nutritious plant-based meals that highlight the garden-fresh flavors of veggies, like Southwestern Taco Bowls and Portobello Pot Roast. Enjoy easy, healthy meals every night with this plant-based diet cookbook designed for electric pressure cookers. Review “Felicia Slattery has done it again! With Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook, you can enjoy easy-to-prepare, healthy, delicious recipes like Gingered Collard Greens, Oil-Free Marinara Sauce, Butternut Squash Mac and Cheeze, and Portobello Pot Roast, just to name a few. You can even make your own hot sauce, and there's a whole chapter on decadent desserts!” ―Chef AJ, chef, host, public speaker, and author “Almost anytime we demonstrate a recipe in an Instant Pot, everyone wants to know how to cook with one. This recipe book is the answer. Felicia shares fabulous, yet simple, plant-based recipes that will please anyone who likes food. I'm impressed!” ―Stan Wolcott, founder of Healthy Taste of Knoxville, Healthy Taste Cooking, and The Veggielink “Felicia's mouthwatering, plant-based cookbook might just finally inspire me to take the Instant Pot plunge! Her recipes are creative and eclectic without being complex, and her expert use of simple pantry staples along with the right Instant Pot settings will lead to delicious, easy-to-prepare, nourishing meals for a variety of diets and taste buds.” ―Alana Horowitz Friedman, gluten-free and vegetarian food blogger/recipe developer at “I must admit that I bought a pressure cooker only to cook beans quickly. But Felicia Slattery’s recipes have totally opened my eyes to its real potential. Tofu Tikka Masala is so good that I made it three times in a row and ate it daily for a week! Sweet Potato Spice Cake made the whole house smell like pumpkin pie, and I am now inspired to experiment with almond and coconut flour. Simply put, if you like comfort food, Felicia has a healthy version that is easy to make and will hit the spot.” ―Ilana Newman, MD “Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook is perfect for beginners and seasoned plant-based enthusiasts alike. In a fast-paced world, this book is the perfect solution for busy people not willing to sacrifice nutrition and flavor. Get ready for easy-to-prepare meals done in record time! This book is a must-have for anyone looking for fabulous, plant-based meals. You and your family will love it.” ―Kathleen Gage, podcast host and author, Plant Based Eating for Health About the Author Felicia Slattery is an award-winning home cook and the creator of She also runs the Facebook group and YouTube channel Plant-Based Home Cooking with Felicia Slattery, where she regularly shares her recipes and stories.

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