PIC Natural Mint Mouse Repellent (6-Pack), Effective Rodent Control Solution, Non-Toxic Mouse Deterrent, Mint Scented Mice Repellent, 180 Day Supply of Rodent Repellent for Cars & Homes, Rat Repellent

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For nearly 70 years, PIC has been helping families solve their pest problems both inside and outside their homes. They are dedicated to enhancing customer's lives by providing them with a healthier and more enjoyable pest-free living experience. It's time to say goodbye to those complicated and expensive mouse repellent devices such as ultrasonic mouse repellers, plug in mouse repellents, peppermint spray for mice, pest control sprays, sticky traps for mice, and all those ineffective pest repellents in the market. With the PIC Natural Mouse Repellent 6-Pack, you can easily get rid of rodents and every other pest in your house without the hassle of setting it up every single day. The PIC Natural Mouse Repellent uses a fresh and natural scent for rodent control and contains no poison for rats and mice, vapors, mouse bait, or sticky mouse traps. It's a humane mouse trap that's safe and chemical-free that's perfect for use around children and pets, anywhere indoors and outdoors. How to use the PIC Natural Mice Repellent: - Choose and clean the area needed for rodent control before placing the product. - Peel foil from the packet to expose the rat repellent. - Place open side up on a flat surface. Do not place on painted, finished, or plastic surfaces. - Use one packet in each enclosed space accessible to mice including drawers, cabinets, closets, pantries, under sinks, attics, points of entry - even vehicles. - Replace the rat repellent packet every 30 days. Start living in a safe and rodent-free home and add the PIC Natural Mouse Repellent in your cart today!


  • SAFE AND NATURAL MICE REPELLENT: The PIC Natural Mouse Repellent uses a natural, fresh, and safe scent perfect for placing in any location.
  • EASY, EFFECTIVE AND LONG-LASTING RAT DETERRENT: Each packet of the 6-pack rodent repellent lasts up to 30 days and is effective up to 64 ft. - a wider range compared to a rodent repellent spray!
  • ONE OF THE BEST MOUSE TRAPS THAT WORK INDOOR AND OUTDOORS: The PIC Natural Mice Repellent packs can be used in enclosed spaces and outdoor locations and activities.
  • A HUMANE MOUSE TRAP WITH NO MOUSE POISON, MOUSE BAIT, AND CHEMICALS: Want to use a safe and humane rat trap without having to be a rat killer? This will not leave unwanted rodents around your home.
  • REPELLENT FOR ALL TYPE OF PESTS: The PIC Mouse Deterrent isn’t just for rodents, but for all types of pest too! Use it as a repels all animal repellent or a substitute for your pest control spray.

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