Pet Teeth Cleaning Tools – 6.5 Inch double header Tarter & Plaque remover tool for cats and dogs. Stainless Steel That Will Not Rust. By Majestic Bombay

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Description What Is a Pet Dental Scaler? A Pet dental scaler is the tool a Veterinary dentist uses to scrape the plaque and tartar off the animal’s teeth. It’s a metal hand tool with an end shaped like a curved or hooked blade. This is a super important to keep your pets hygienic and safe from cavities. Get a feel of this cool device and how it balances. Look very closely at your pet’s teeth. Find the visible stains and any tiny debris left over from flossing. Once you find a stain, place the tip of the scaler against the tooth at the gumline. Slide the scaler away from the gum line and note any roughness along the surface of the tooth. This will be when the scaler catches on the surface — this could means your pet has tartar. Continue to use this method for scraping every tooth with plaque and tartar buildup. Each tooth you scraped should have a smooth feel to it. Once you’re done, rinse the scaler under the faucet and wash with soap or some other disinfectant. Dry it well and store it away safely


  • 6-1/2-Inch Double HeadedTarter Remover
  • Used to remove harmful tartar accumulation
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Wash and Dry after Each Use

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