Pello Multi-use Luxe Baby, Toddler Floor Pillow/Play Mat/Lounger (Basil/Mint)

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Pello is that truly unique baby product everyone will ask you about. Funtionally designed with large loop handles and 100% cotton and luxe brushed poly fabrics, makes hands-free carrying and travel easy. A completely portable lounging surface for your baby or grown child to snuggle into, no matter where you happen to be. Unlike regular pillows, playmats, and bouncers, Pello is incredibly versatile and stays with your child through countless milestones in their life. Your little one bonds with his/her Pello as they cuddle into the soft cozy center and are held by plush raised sides. This wonderfully inviting shape conforms to their bodies, keeping them comfortable and secure. That means far less fidgeting and distress along with far less distraction and worry for mom and dad. As your baby learns to sit up, their head is protected by Pello’s soft raised sides no matter which way they topple. As they crawl, their Pello proves a wonderful obstacle to overcome and a welcomed place to collapse into. Throughout these stages, pushing into the soft surface of the Pello enhances muscle engagement and speeds muscle development. Enter pretend play! Pello’s square peek-a-boo pocket, loops on the sides for attaching favorite toys and simply all the things you can do with a donut shaped object leads to endless reaches of your child’s imagination. This isn’t just a pillow for babies. Even at school age, kids are often seen using their Pello as a back rest, leg rest or pillow when they are looking to relax. Our fabrics are baby-friendly, yet fashionable and functional. We use 100% polyester fibers (non-allergenic and chemical free) to stuff Pello products.


  • MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT. Instead of picking out yet another onesie your baby will outgrow in months, be remembered with a truly unique gift that will last for years, and likely to become a cherished item. MORE THAN JUST A PILLOW. Pello serves as a floor pillow, play mat and security blanket that stays with a child as they grow. Available in multiple beautiful fabrics, this luxurious item is one that will always be remembered.
  • HAVE IT FOR LIFE. Your Pello will grow right along with your baby, becoming the one item they never want to give up. The soft center cuddles your little one, creating a permanent bond of feeling safe and secure. As they grow, their Pello becomes the perfect counterpart for practicing sitting, tummy time, or as an obstacle course when crawling. Older still, kids remain attached to their Pello and use it as a pillow while watching TV, reading, and more.
  • COMPLETELY PORTABLE. Your Pello is completely portable, perfect for the Mom on the go. Take it anywhere and use it on any surface – including sand! So much more practical to tote around as your baby moves through the house or visit others. With two sturdy handles, your pello folds up like a taco so you can just grab and go.
  • WASHABLE & DURABLE. No germs here! Your Pello is durable and completely washable! Made from 100% cotton and luxe brushed poly, Pello fabrics are baby-friendly and hand selected by our design team to be both fashionable and functional. The filler is 100% hypo allergenic and flame retardant polyester, meaning your Pello will maintain its excellence through untold accidents and launderings and your baby will always have a clean surface to snuggle into.
  • PATENTED & MADE IN USA. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, Pello's 2 US patents make this the only pillow product of its kind on the market. Pello features a 6.5" square peek-a-boo pocket, padded, 9.5" handles, and loops on the sides to easily attach and keep track of your baby's favorite toys. Pello dimensions are a 34" circumference with 7" height on the raised sides.

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Pello Multi Use Luxe Baby Toddler Floor Pillowplay, is it available on Amazon?

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