Panther Armor 8-Pack Furniture Protectors from Cats Scratch - Couch Protector for Cats - Anti Cat Scratch Furniture Protector - Couch Guards for Cats - Sofa Corner Scratching Training Tape Deterrent

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Keeping Cats' Claws Safe Panther Armor promises to protect your furniture while keeping your cat’s claws safe. What’s the Size? The 8 cat furniture protectors 4 Pcs X-Large 17"L 12"W + 4 Pcs Large 17"L 10"W cover the highest surface from the anti scratcher products. Will They Stick on My Couch? Yes, indeed. The combination of adhesive sheets and the numerous twist pins guarantee that the sheets will stick firmly for a long time. After the removal, none of them will do damage to the furniture. Where Should I Use Them? Their flexible texture makes them a perfect fit for both rounded and sharp surfaces: fabric or leather couches, chairs, recliner, door, carpet, or even car seats if needed. A single pad can be cut and applied on smaller areas as well, helping you deter your cat from scratching. Special Steps Required for Leather Do not use the twist pins when applied to it. 1. Cut, peel and apply a small piece and test it on a hidden area. 2. Apply it and leave it for a day or two. 3. Remove and check your upholstery. 4. Apply the rest of the protectors if the material is intact. High-Quality Vinyl Material Panther Armor furniture protectors are made from 100% transparent non-toxic vinyl. Train Your Cat Cats are smart and intuitive. Panther Armor will train your small pet to stop scratching the furniture even after you remove the sheets. 100% Money Back Guarantee Our promise is to prevent your cat from scratching the furniture. If by any reason, you’re not satisfied with Panther Armor, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.


  • ✔️ [ HIGHER COVERAGE ]: Panther Armor covers a higher surface of furniture against cat scratch. A full set includes 8 pack furniture protectors from cats: 4 pcs X-Large 17"L 12"W + 4 pcs Large 17"L 10"W self-adhesive sheets and 64 twist pins. The 8 pins/sheet offer extra assurance that the clear sheets will stick to the furniture and will protect your fabric upholstery from pet claw damage. This cat scratch repellent will stick on leather or wood furniture without using pins.
  • ✔️ [ INSTALL AND FORGET ]: The 100% TRANSPARENT scratch guards will only take 7 mins of your time for installation. Afterward, they will go unnoticed and will eventually stop your pets from scratching the sofa. 1. Quickly vacuum the area; 2. Cut the pads and adjust their size; 3. Peel off the adhesive sheets; 4. Stick where you want to protect; 5. Secure the area by applying one twist pin at a time. Here you go! The best anti scratch shield on your furniture.
  • ✔️ [ THICK & FLEXIBLE ]: The FLAT PACKAGING of the set allows the sticky sheets to be pliable, protecting any type of furniture shape, such as couch corner or even rectangle chair legs. This scratch deterrent is a highly effective defender due to the thick non-toxic vinyl, that will prevent cats or dogs to scratch through them. Keep your furniture intact with the help of Panther Armor.
  • ✔️ [ EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE ]: Our cat furniture protector can be easily cut and can cover even the smallest areas of the furniture. Besides the anti-scratch role, covering these small areas will help training your cat not to scratch around the tape.
  • ✔️ [ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ]: We're dedicated to offering the best sofas protection products while keeping your cat's claws safe. The furniture items will suffer NO DAMAGE when the sheets are removed or by applying the twist pins. We made sure that this scratch guard meets the highest standard of quality but if for ANY reasons you are not satisfied, you will receive a refund, no questions asked. Click on the "Add to Cart" button NOW and get this amazing new product!

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