Organic Ear Oil for Ear Infections - Natural Eardrops for Infection Prevention, Swimmer's Ear & Wax Removal - Kids, Adults, Baby, & Dog Earache Remedy - Mullein, Garlic, Calendula Made in USA

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Waxy buildup clogging your ears? Prone to ear infection or swollen sinuses? Relief is on its way! Formulated to heal ears & protect them from infection, our ear clear oil is the best choice ear oil for wax removal clog prevention & infected ear treatment. Nature is made from the purest of all organic ingredients. PURE ORIGINAL INGREDIENTS Garlic: herbal ingredient acts as natural defense to heal - soothes pain & relieves ear itching Mullein: extracted from flowers said to have healing qualities - softens wax, stimulates circulation, reduces inflammation Calendula: naturally healing herbal infused oil believed to holistically treat ear conditions such as tinnitus (or "ear ringing") Olive Oil: ancient folk remedy for clogged ears & swimmer's ear - when warm, oil loosens wax, unclogs, cleanses ear canal Vitamin E: natural antioxidant nourishes skin in & around ear + also helps extend shelf life of the garlic-mullein earache oil St. John's Wort: one of the best herbal remedies for earache, infection - relaxes the muscles, soothes pain, speeds up healing MULTIPLE MEDICINAL USES Use as ear ache relief ear drops, ear unclogger, ear wax dissolving drops, ear drops for infections or ear drops after swimming. Recommended herb ear drops to prevent swimmers ear, release painful sinus pressure, naturally treat & prevent ear infections. HOW TO USE EAR OIL DROPS Warm in heat-safe container & microwave for 10 seconds. (Do NOT put a dropper bottle in the microwave) OR warm in a water bath, making sure no water gets in the bottle. Test on the back of your hand before putting in your ear. Place 3-4 drops of warmed oil in the infected ear & plug with a cotton ball for 30 minutes. For best results, lay down on your side when dispensing drops in ear. This allows maximum contact with the infected ear canal.


  • NATURAL EAR ACHE RELIEF DROPS: Packed full of antioxidants & natural antibodies, our ear ache oil prevents earaches, infection & wax buildup. Blend contains mullein, garlic, calendula, vitamin E, Olive Oil, St. John's Wort.
  • WARMING LIQUID FOR EAR HEALTH: Flush ears with healing ear flusher solution to keep them healthy & clog-free. Use as warming ear drops for clogged ears, ear drops for infections, ear drops to remove water after swimming, etc.
  • FOR BABIES, KIDS, ADULTS OR PETS: Safe for babies, toddlers, kids, men, women, dogs & cats! Use liquid as ear ache drops for kids, infant earache drops or ear infection treatment for adults. Holistic ear car for the entire family!
  • EASES PAIN, UNCLOGS EARS, MORE: Works as ear wax remover, itch relief drops, pain ease liquid & water drying ear oil. Anti-inflammatory properties also reduce swelling to relieve sinus pressure, swimmer's ear & much more.
  • FRESH, WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: 100% Phthalate-Free, Sulfate-Free, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Formaldehyde-Free, GMO-Free & Cruelty-Free. Earache remedy made out of pure fair trade certified organic ingredients.

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