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  • magicOpener EXTREME has been designed to open most soda plastic bottles and water bottles with small and standard caps, among other functions. It comes ready to open 4 different sizes of plastic caps. NO EFFORT IS NEEDED - This arthritis water bottle opener magic Opener EXTREME PROVIDES ALL THE LEVERAGE POINTS NEEDED TO FACILITATE OPENING BOTTLES AND CANS - as seen on tv BOTTLE OPENERS - Ask for help - NO MORE!!!! - (Watch video) twist off bottle opener - magnetic bottle opener - fridge bottle
  • This arthritis water bottle opener INCLUDES TRADITIONAL GLASS BOTTLE OPENER FOR ALL IN ONE CONVENIENCE. With the best #1 beer bottle opener INCLUDED, you can open your beer bottles and beer can with ease. Glass bottles with bottle tin cap are easy to open with this unique magic Bottle Opener Gift - TWIST OFF BOTTLE CAPS EASILY - bottle opener for seniors and for All walks of life! - AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS.
  • This arthritis WATER BOTTLE OPENER opens your plastic soda bottles by simply placing gently on the plastic cap and twisting to break the seal. No Effort is required to use this magnificent patented magic bottle opener. Great coca cola bottle opener, beer bottle opener and similar - AS SEEN ON TV bottle opener products.
  • This arthritis water bottle opener OPENS PULL-TAB FOOD CANS by simply sliding under the can tab, lifting and pulling back. Opens aluminum pull-tab soda cans and beer cans by sliding under the tab and lifting. NOTE: It comes READY TO OPEN THE MOST COMMON PLASTIC BOTTLE CAPS IN THE MARKET (Including Soda bottles) easy and smoothly. Just find the cap size you need to open gently insert, twist and VOILA your bottle is open with this arthritis helpers, arthritis help tools - AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS.

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