NILO Kids Play Table Set with 2 Compatible Lego Duplo Detachable Two-Sided Baseplates/Boards/Mats (N34 Activity Table w/Holes, 24x32x20 and 2X Green Base Plates 12x32)

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Why choose a Nilo Kids Activity Table Lego Table Train Table Nilo Lego Duplo Block TableThere are many reasons why Nilo is the leader in activity tables, Lego tables, Duplo tables, wooden train tables, basically multi-use tables for children. We've been selling our incredible tables since 1992! This is our 25th Year Anniversary! Lets just get right into it! KIDS ACTIVITY TABLE APPEARANCE Our Duplo Table design is timeless, clean, simple. We designed it so it appears like an piece of quality furniture...which it truly is! The Nilo logo is carved into the wood and painted! It isn't stamped on, silk screened on, painted on or worse, just a sticker! Nope, I wanted that element to be as graceful as the rest of the table. It cost a bit more but I feel it is worth it. Don't you? NILO'S KIDS ACTIVITY TABLE PLAY TABLE TRAIN TABLE LEGO TABLE DESIGN A few key points here. One, the raised borders are the perfect height, not too low, not too high. As such, they serve to keep manipulative on the table top and off the floor. Second, its the perfect height for wooden train use...the track is 1/2″ thick, our borders are 1 1/4″ high. This allows for 3/4″ of raised border with wooden track being placed on the table. Its therefore excellent to use as an WOODEN TRAIN TABLE. I've noticed many tables feature just 1/2″ or 1″ and others feature 2 1/2″ or more! None of these dimensions are ideal in my opinion. Thus, we feel our 1 1/4″ is the best out there. Its also ideal to use as an LEGO TABLE! Or, DUPLO TABLE, thanks to our wonderful baseplates or Block Mats as we call them. Check out our Block Mats here: Click here. Obviously, our tables are the absolute best KIDS ACTIVITY TABLE there is! Next, lets talk about how our table is made. Solid hardwood, dado in frame which sandwiches the table top for added strength, solid "L" shaped legs and 1/4″ bolts, 6mm corner screws hold this baby together...for life!


  • LEGO DUPLO COMPATIBLE - Our baseplates are the BOMB! Features a true Lego mip on one side and a true Duplo mip on the flip side! This gives you both uses at a fraction of the cost with any other competitor since you'd have to purchase both baseplates with theirs! An incredible "SNAP FIT", total precision! Top quality! MADE IN U.S.A.!
  • SOLID HARDWOOD - We don't mess around, we only use thireck, solid hardwood for our furniture items. They are built to last for generations! We actually have tables we sold to stores back in 1994 that are still on their floor as a demo!
  • MULTI-USE WHITE MELAMINE TABLE TOP - The white melamine multi-use activity table top is 2-sided, white on both sides, great if you need to flip it over to have a new table top! Melamine is the ABSOLUTE BEST table top surface for true multi-use, be it puzzles, Play-Doh, arts and crafts, homework, etc. Easy to clean surface.
  • HOLES AROUND PERIMITER FOR ACCESSORIES - Our table with holes in framing allow activities no other table can offer! See our N99s Slide Hammer 'N Nails, N95s Nilo-Nails, Fiddlestix, Zoob, Rokenbok, Rok-Jax, Nilo-Jax and more items that utilize the holes in our tables! GREAT FUN, indeed!
  • TALL ENOUGHT TO ALLOW SEATING, REMOVABLE BASEPLATES FOR EASY CLEANING - This is paramount if your shopping for a LEGO DUPLO TABLE for your child! Many tables out are TOO LOW to the ground...they DO NOT ALLOW SEATING! Also, their table top is just Lego on one side and multi-use on the other. Question, how do you CLEAN THE LEGO can't put that under your sink to wash it now can you! You can however remove our baseplates easily to clean them!

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