naturally It's clean Enzymatic Laundry Stain Remover Spray and Odor Eliminator | Fabric Safe Stain Sprayer Enzyme Cleaner to Remove Coffee, Grease, Makeup, Ink, Wine, Stubborn Stains and Odor | 2 Pack

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Naturally It's Clean provides an effective solution for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Each product has a unique formula focused upon a specific cleaning activity which provides superior performance over general household cleaners. We blend a unique combination of purified, plant based enzymes and deliver the ultimate promise of efficacy and safety. We don't just outperform other natural cleaners, but chemical cleaners as well. Naturally It's Clean products are: Non-toxic, non-caustic, hypoallergenic Safe for human, animal, and plant life No harsh fumes, vapors, phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum Never tested on animals 100% made in the USA We believe it is our responsibility to provide products which contribute to the healthy home, safe for adults, children and pets. In addition to offering consumers a real alternative to traditional toxic cleaners, we are continuing our work to reduce the incidents of skin and ingestion injuries, particularly in children.


  • POWERFUL LAUNDRY STAIN REMOVER & CLEANER | This laundry stain cleaner finds is strength naturally from plant enzymes. These plant-based enzymes are so effective because they work by attacking the source of stubborn stains, breaking them down to their basic elements for easy and quick removal while also eliminating unwanted odors.
  • NO STAIN IS TOUGH ENOUGH. NO ODOR IS STRONG ENOUGH | Our smart enzymatic cleaner for clothes removes red wine stains out of your clothing easily, while leaving a natural fresh smell. The advanced enzyme cleaner blend used in this product also works well to make food, coffee and tea, grease, and oil stains disappear. Even lestoil grease and stain remover is no match for our advanced enzymes!
  • THE BEST ALL AROUND NON GMO PLANT BASED ENZYME STAIN REMOVER | This odor and laundry spot cleaner is naturally powered by plant based enzymes to resolve spot and stain remover issues you have with other brands. It works great both as a baby stain remover and yellow armpit stain remover. Additionally, this laundry cleaner’s source-based approach allows it to work especially well on beds, couches, and fabric stains. It can even be used as a linen, white shoe, and mattress cleaner!
  • EASY TO USE AND WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR CLOTHING | This cleaner is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. It contains a 100% biodegradable advanced enzyme formulation designed to ONLY target stains while keeping any clothes or fabric clean and clear. To use, just shake, spray, and rub thoroughly into stains. Repeat if necessary.
  • THE ENZYME SOLUTIONS GUARANTEE | As one of the foremost experts in advanced natural enzyme technology applications, our environmentally friendly products are formulated with the highest potency for maintaining quality and effectiveness, and contains: No Parabens. No Artificial Dyes. No Alcohol & Ammonia. No Sulfates. No Artificial Fragrances. No Phosphates. No Petroleum. No SLS. No Bleaching Agents.

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