Mortar and Pestle Set - Polished White and Grey Marble Bowl with Bonus Garlic Peeler | Great for Guacamole! | 1.5 Cup Capacity. Protective Pad for Stability and Protected Counters

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The mortar and pestle is one of the oldest kitchen implements around - and was one of the few tools used in ancient times in cooking food. It continues to do what no other item in the kitchen does: smashing fibers and cells apart to fundamentally transform their texture and release their full aroma and flavor. For all the convenience of modern food processors, these newfangled jars and bowls outfitted with whirling blades don't do quite the same thing that a mortar and pestle can do. They mince and chop effortlessly, but the mortar and pestle crushes, fundamentally enhancing the flavor of your favorite seasoning. We thoughtfully designed our mortar and pestle with all the features you'll need for easy crushing, pounding and grinding. We made ours of solid stone - unlike wood or ceramic, the strong, dense and unyielding stone will stand up to the wear and tear of pounding and grinding. You need a harder material than the spices you'll be grinding, and dense, tough stone fits the bill. We've grooved the interior of our bowl to grip the ingredients you'll be processing for more efficient crushing. Our bowl shape is evenly round and deep so you can swirl, grind and pound all your ingredients without any getting stuck in any crevaces. Our pestle also fits perfectly into our bowl so all the ingredients are processed evenly. Our pestle is wide and long, the wide head making contact with more ingredients at the same time and the length keeping your knuckles from smashing against the mortar while you work. The heavy weight of the pestle means you can use less force and let the pestle do the heavy lifting. Our heavy bottom and footed bowl gives your mortar stability and help keep everything in place while in use. And we've included a free non-skid protective pad to keep your counter top safe from scratches. TO SEASON YOUR NEW MORTAR AND PESTLE: grind 1/4 cup white rice into a powder. Check for stone debris. Repeat this process 1-3x or until rice powder is free of stone debris


  • WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT: While other other mortar and pestle sets are small or lightweight, our solidly built set weighs about a hefty 5 pounds - keeping it in place on your counter while you work. We also made sure to design our pestle with a wide, broad head. Other products have narrow pestle heads which require much more work to grind your ingredients. Our pestle is also longer than our competitors'- which will keep your knuckles from banging against the side of the mortar while you work.
  • WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: Our goal is to create timeless, beautiful, useful kitchen tools. Because of this we built our mortar and pestle with all the key features - a deep bowl that will keep ingredients from splattering, a grooved interior which helps grip ingredients for more efficient grinding, a footed bowl which adds steadiness while you work, a non-scratch skid proof pad to protect your countertop. We didn't miss a thing.
  • EASY, QUICK, AND PAINLESS: Because we know you'll use lots of garlic in your mortar and pestle, we include a FREE garlic peeler. Makes stripping that annoying paper-ey stuff on the outside your garlic cloves super quick. No need to slam your garlic cloves with the side of your expensive knives!
  • BONUSES! With your purchase you will receive a downloadable recipe guide with tried and true go-to recipes for your mortar and pestle. Our guide will help you get tons of tasty ideas for using your timeless new kitchen tool.

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