Moonygreen Dog Poop Bag with Dispenser, Compostable Vegetable-Based Doggie Bag for Waste, Compostable and Eco-Friendly, Unscented, Extra Thick and Leak Proof, 120 Counts, 10 Rolls, 9 x 13 Inches

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Have a dog walk and clean up after your pets is a part of daily life, use MOONYGREEN compostable bags help get the job done easier, no more mess, no more stress. The most wonderful thing is you could help save our mother earth at the same time. Specifications: Moonygreen Compostable Bags with 1 free dispenser 120 counts, 10 rolls, 12 bags/ roll Features: 【100% Compostable & Home Compostable 】Certified ASTM D6400, European standard EN 13432, OK Compost Home. OK Compost Home Certification GUARANTEES THAT OUR BAGS GUARANTEES THAT OUR BAGS CAN BE COMPOSTED, BECOME WATER AND CARBON DIOXIDE IN HOME COMPOSTING. You could even bury the dog waste bags in your backyard, BUT avoid using the compost on vegetables for human consumption, as dog poop contains harmful bacteria. 【Zero Plastic】Made from PLANT starches and environmentally friendly polymers, soft natural feel and contain NO polyethylene. NO micro-plastic. Not oxo-biodegradable. Great for the environment, leave no toxic residues. 【Compost In 90 Days】The bags can become water and carbon dioxide because of microbes in approximately 90 days when placed into a composting environment, leaving behind no micro-plastics. Please bury the bags in warm and moisture soil, suggested temperature is higher than 68 ℉. 【Large Enough】Each bags measure 13" x 9''. Pick up you big dog's poop more easily. 【Unscented】 No harmful fragrance chemicals 【Easy To Use】Easy to tear off a bag from the roll, open simply and tie securely. Included One Reusable Dispenser with Carabiner-style clip, easy to attach dispenser to a leash securely. 【Usage and Storage】Avoid excessive heat; store Compostable Bags in a cool, dry place and use within 10 months of purchase. 【Worry-free Purchase】If you have any problems or questions, just feel free to contact our customer service via Amazon "Contact Seller".


  • 【Good Boi Saves the Planet】Use the 100% Home Compostable poop bag to protect the environment with your good doggo. Our products have acquired the highest-rated ASTM D6400, European standard EN 13432, and OK Compost Home Certification, proving that the bags will be compostable in about 90 days in home-composting. You can even bury the bags in your backyard!
  • 【Keep Your Hands Safe】The bags are Super-Thick, Leak-Proof, and Moderate-Sized, so you can keep your hands clean and safe from poops. Moreover, they are also unscented. No weird smell until they travel into the garbage can.
  • 【No More Mess, No More Stress】 Besides being eco-friendly, we also view delivering the best customer experience as our first priority. It is easy to tear off the bag from the roll, and you can smoothly open and tie it. Additionally, the reusable dispenser comes with a carabiner-style clip, make it easy to attach to a leash securely. By using this bag, you can deal with this daily duty speedily.
  • 【Standard Size Fits Well Everywhere】This bag has sufficient capacity even for big furry friends. With a 9 x 13 inches standard size, our bags fit well into most of the leash dispensers. If you have already owned a dispenser and don't want to create unnecessary waste, then our another non-dispenser pack is your best choice!
  • 【Bye-Bye Plastic】We produce our products with Vegetable-based, high-quality materials. Compared to those using EPI technology, our bags will become carbon dioxide and water instead of micro-plastics, and the unscented bags emit ZERO harmful chemicals. Also, our boxes and cardboard cores are made of recycled paper-based material. No Micro-Plastic, No Pollution.

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