MooGoo Soothing Moisturizer Nut Oil Free - A gentle, nourishing, moisturizing cream for delicate & sensitive baby skin - cruelty-free, paraffin-free, dairy-free natural moisturizer for face & body

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MooGoo: Soothing Baby Moisturiser Cream Nut Oil Free (120g)If you want your skincare to be healthy, it has to start with MooGoo. We've cut out unnecessary synthetic ingredients and harsh, irritating chemicals to make you a gentle baby's moisturizer that puts the health of your skin first. We use high-quality ingredients that are most compatible with skin so they are easily absorbed and go to work where you need it most. This is our most gentle moisturizer, perfect for sensitive skin types and the most temperamental areas of the face and body. We don't use cheap synthetic ingredients common in most skincare products that only provide surface level, artificial smoothness and can build up and clog pores over time. MooGoo is loved by all skin types (dry, oily, combination, sensitive) and is suitable for skin at any age (newborns, babies, toddlers and children).Start caring for your skin and their skin with simple but effective ingredients like msm (dimethyl sulfone - organic sulfur), coconut oil, aloe vera, sweet almond, piroctone olamine, olive, honey, allantoin, apple cider vinegar, hops, and more. Our moisturizers are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients like silicones, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol and more. This moisturizer is vegan, cruelty free, and dairy-free. We always follow eco-friendly practices. Check out our Amazon Store for a full range of our natural hair care, moisturizers, skin creams, lip balm, body and face wash, deodorant, and more!MooGoo was originally created for our own family and friends. We've been creating skin and hair care solutions and sharing them with those we love for over 15 years. We believe in always making our products as natural and as possible, non-irritating and cruelty free. We only use ingredients in effective amounts that are safe for every-body including newborns, pregnancy, breastfeeding and making sure they are of the highest quality.


  • SIMPLE AND GENTLE: MooGoo's Soothing Baby Moisturizer uses the most gentle natural ingredients to restore, revitalize and hydrate skin on the face and body. Our moisturizers are perfect for all ages from newborns, babies, toddlers and children (even adults and teens too) because they're gentle and free of harsh, irritating chemicals.
  • HYDRATING SKIN CREAM: We use edible oils, aloe vera, coconut, honey, apple cider vinegar, msm, allantoin, hops, and more to create a moisturizer gentle enough for babies and their most sensitive facial and body skin. It's the perfect cream for hydrating and calming irritated and dry skin.
  • NATURALLY BETTER MOISTURIZERS: What's in our products is just as important as what's not. Our skincare is free of parabens, paraffin, mineral oil, silicone based ingredients, irritating phthalates and phenoxyethanol. Our products are cruelty free and follow eco-friendly practices. Made free of nut oils for parents concerned with nut allergies.
  • ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE: This is a quick easy to rub in moisturizing cream that's perfect for the body and face. Without harsh chemicals you don't have to worry about using MooGoo on sensitive facial areas. This is our dairy-free moisturizer blend, check out our Amazon store for the full selection.
  • MooGoo TO THE RESCUE: We create skin care for babies using effective amounts of natural ingredients. All of our baby items are made to be perfectly gentle and naturally soothing for even the most sensitive skin. We're a family owned Australian company who puts the integrity and quality of our formulas and ingredients first.

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