Momcozy Baby Wrap Carrier Slings, Infant Carrier Slings for Newborn up to 50 lbs, Baby Wrap Adjustable for Adult Fits Sizes XXS-XXL,Easy to Wear Baby Carriers,Ergonomic Front Facing/Back,Gradient Blue

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What is the Momcozy Baby Wrap Carrier Sling?It is the baby sling from Momcozy , perfect for outings with your baby.Help mothers to free their hands and make the baby more comfortWhy the Momcozy Wrap Carrier?- Super easy to put on: Thanks to its ergonomic back section and the ring fasteners, it couldn't be easier! You put it on like a t-shirt!- The ergonomic back section ensures that the weight is evenly distributed.- The light yet robust cotton material ensures optimal temperature regulation.- The storage bag makes it super compact, so you can have it with you on every occasion.


  • 【Adjustable Size】Momcozy baby wrap carrier is designed with adjustable size, the size can be covered to XXS-XXL to suit different groups of people; The baby wrap allows you not to worry about postpartum body changes and other issues, and can adjust the appropriate size at any time according to your and your baby's body shape, suitable for the whole family to use. Traditional baby carriers loosen during use, but the adjustable size design keeps your baby supported and balanced in your arms.
  • 【Ergonomically Designed】For babies, Momcozy infant carrier slings allows babies to sit astride, ergonomically, and helps to help babies develop healthy hip bones and spine from 0-1 years old; For moms, the breathable back of the Momcozy baby carrier helps distribute baby's weight evenly, reducing pain and pressure in the upper back, shoulders, neck or waist; Provides greater comfort for both baby and mother.
  • 【Load Bearing Upgrade】The fabric of the baby sling carrier is soft, elastic, and very supportive. The fabric will be properly stretched according to the baby's body shape. The support and wrapping are very good, both small and older babies can be used; Excellent load-bearing capacity and high-quality can greatly extend the life cycle of the product and accompany your child to grow along the way.
  • 【Comfortable and Skin-friendly Fabric】Baby carrier wrap fabric is made of 90% cotton, 10% spandex material, comfortable and breathable, soft and skin-friendly; Easy to wear and very close-fitting, it allows babies to feel the breath of Mom and Dad up close, so children feel like they are enjoying a comfortable hug; A comfortable environment enhances your baby's sense of security and helps foster a close parent-child relationship, making it ideal for moms and dads who are new to baby products.
  • 【Easy to Wear and Breastfeed】The cloth baby carrier is easy to put on like a t-shirt, you can operate it with one hand. It even acts as a privacy shield for breastfeeding moms as you can breastfeed while wearing it without removing the baby from the infant baby carrier. Your satisfaction with the product is our pursuit, if there is a problem with the product within three months, we will return or exchange it for free,please contact us, Momcozy brand will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

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