MIERXN Grill Scraper- Safer than Wire Brushes- Best BBQ Cleaner-Ideal Barbecue Tools-Great BBQ Accessories for Clean Most Grill Grates

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Are you always looking for the perfect tool to clean up the barbecue grill? This product is safe, easy to clean, convenient to carry and durable. It does not pollute food, has no harm to human body, and has a wide range of use. This MIERXN barbecue scraper has the following features: 1、 Ordinary steel wire brushes can drop steel wires and bring potential safety hazards to food, woven steel wire brushes look good, but burnt food cannot be cleaned from the grill, and the burnt matter left on the brushes after the two brushes clean the grill cannot be cleaned. The MIERXN barbecue scraper has 10 grooves, which is suitable for cleaning the grates of most circular grates and v-shaped grates. when in use, select the appropriate grooves and angles, and move back and forth slightly on the grates to easily clean stubborn stains on the grates. 2、Although pumice can clean the grill, it will leave a pile of dust after cleaning the grill, and the wear is fast and not durable, which is unacceptable. MIERXN heavy-duty barbecue scraper is made of stainless steel and is very durable. 3、The steel wire brush and pumice are large in volume and inconvenient to carry and store. The MIERXN barbecue scraper is of reasonable design and well-made. The handle is a non-slip PC plastic handle with appropriate size and convenient grip. The bottle opener is in the middle and is also used to clean the window. Cleaning the grill grille is more convenient and quick, providing the most ideal cleaning tool for barbecue lovers. 4、 Exquisite packaging is the best choice for relatives, friends, father's day and Christmas gifts, and is the best accessory for all ovens! SPECIFICATION 1.Dimension: 5.7 x 2.6 inches 2.Thickness: Scraper 0.06inches, Handle 0.72inches 3.Net Weight: 1.7OZ / 48g 4. Included Accessories - Bottle Opener and S-Hook


  • [Safe, effective] Safer than wire brushes, more effective than woven wire brushes. Our barbecue cleaning tool eliminates the risk of leaving the wire in the grill or food after cleaning the oven. this stainless grill scraper will deeply and effectively clean those stubborn stains and debris with ease,It is simple and effective, so you can buy it with confidence.
  • [Universal fit] 10 grooves can work with most grill grates. Can be used for cleaning Weber, charcoal, gas, electric, ceramic, infrared, pellet and smoker grills. It is the best partner for the grill.
  • [Modern Design] Long, non-slip PC plastic handle keeps your hands away from heat, comfortable to grip, easy to clean your oven grille. Bottle opener feature and free S-shaped hook for convenient use.
  • [Heavy duty, suitable size] Made of stainless steel, these sturdy barbecue tools are more durable than brass, aluminum and wooden squeegees; the compact size allows you to keep this barbecue squeegee in your pocket, backpack or glove box, which can be carried easily
  • [100% Satisfaction Guarantee] We are confident to give you a full refund at any time, no doubt you will love it! Click the "Add to Cart Button Now". Consider getting TWO - one for you and one for your very best friend.

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Mierxn Grill Scraper Safer Than Wire Brushes Best, is it available on Amazon?

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 69% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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