Metal Spatula Cooking Tools Set - Professional Kitchen Flat Flexible Long Handled Stainless Steel Flipper Utensils-Slotted Spatula Fish Spatula Wok Spatula Perfect for Pancake Burger Baking Cookies

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Any well-equipped kitchen must-have essential cooking utensils, useful for all kinds of everyday cooking and baking tasks. Our Metal Spatula Cooking Tools Set includes a Slotted Spatula, measuring 13.7x3.1 inches, a Fish Spatula, measuring 12.9x2.9 inches, and a Chinese Spatula, measuring 13.4x3.9 inches, wonderful and inexpensive yet endlessly helpful kitchen devices perfect for frying, lifting, turning, or transferring. Forget that they have got fish, Chinese and slotted in their names, lightweight and easy to control, they are the most versatile utensils with the right amount of flexibility and strength when lifting a half-pound burger. Enduring stainless steel, rust, and corrosion resistance make the construction of our set, a comfortable option for almost anything not just for cooking but also for baking and grilling. They feature ergonomic, not small at all sleeve for a comfortable grip and hanging hole for easy and convenient storage. We’re confident that our set will be used quite often in your kitchen for everything from turning over fish fillets to removing freshly baked chocolate cookies from a pan, being perfect for smashing down burgers on a griddle, flipping eggs without breaking the yolks, or cooking Asian food in a wok. They are ideal to be used for a wide range of recipes. Beautifully wrapped in a nice cardboard box they are ready to be offered as a gift to cooking enthusiasts, family members, and friends. We dare to say they feel - as only top-quality big spatulas do - like a natural extension of your hand, an affordable and invaluable addition to any kitchen


  •  Never too Much Spatulas: In the daily fever of baking, cooking and grilling preparing delicious meals, you always need your tools on hand, quickly, to help you flip your steak just in time; Meet our set of multi-uses 3 spatulas - slotted, fish and Chinese - designed to help you make the best out of your cooking and baking skills, prepared to assist whenever needed;
  •  Long Ergonomic Handle: Each smasher was designed with long, lightweight, handsome handle, comfortable to hold, which means your wrists won’t tire if you’re planning to sauté several fish fillets at once; Also your hands will be protected from burns when cooking over open fire;
  •  Top Stainless Steel: Nothing gives you a greater comfort than using professional cooking utensils made of top quality materials, designed to last longer, enhancing a kind of nostalgia during the time; We guarantee for our set made of stainless steel, very flexible, thin yet sturdy enough to hold a dozen of ten blueberry pancakes without making the spatulas bend;
  •  Reliable Kitchen Set: Each mealtime is by far greater with the right utensils to cook, bake or grill and enjoy a delicious feast! Made of durable stainless steel, you can always rely on these restaurant-alike cooking tools for any dish and you don't have to spend a fortune to make your life easier in the kitchen; 3 premium quality spatulas with longer life for less money;
  •  Versatility: Don't let their name trick you: slotted, fish or Chinese spatula doesn't mean that you can't use them for other dishes; They all do an excellent job while flipping an egg, pancakes, hamburger, fish, Chinese food, vegetables whether they are cooked in cast iron skillet, on grill, large ceramic pans or griddle pans;

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