Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise

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Product Description "Halloween was made for carefree Mercy Watson." — School Library Journal When the Watsons decide to zip their porcine wonder into a formfitting princess dress for Halloween — complete with tiara — they are certain that Mercy will be beautiful beyond compare. Mercy is equally certain she likes the sound of trick-or- treating and can picture piles of buttered toast already. As for the Lincoln Sisters next door, how could they know that their cat would lead them all on a Halloween "parade" of hysterical proportions? Kate DiCamillo’s beguiling pig is back in a tale full of treats, tricky turns, hijinks, and high humor. Review As always, the Watsons' enthusiasm for their porcine marvel is both hysterical and heartwarming. There is something reassuring about the way they regard Mercy: She is beautiful. She is wonderful. She is adored. Which actually sums up the way I feel about Kate DiCamillo’s series. — Kate DiCamillo's porcine heroine returns…once again all's well that ends with buttered toast. —Publishers Weekly The humorous tone and simple sentences will appeal to young readers, as will Chris Van Dusen’s energetic gouache paintings. —Washington Parent How can you go wrong with a pig in a pink tutu and tiara? —San Francisco Chronicle There’s a lot of silly fun in store for readers. —Journal Inquirer Learning-to-read kids will appreciate Chris Van Dusen’s dynamic illustrations that are interspersed throughout the text. —Associated Press The brilliantly colored illustrations by Chris Van Dusen pack a comical punch. —Scripps-Howard The hilarious colored paintings, packed with action and emotion, add momentum to the pandemonium in this perfect beginning chapter book for second-graders. —Chicago Sun-Times An irresistible reading romp with lightning-fast action and sparkling slapstick illustrations. —Curriculum Connection About the Author  


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