Measuring Cups and Spoons Set by Camvius | Stainless Steel Kitchen Measuring Set + Metal Leveler for Metal Measuring Cups Set + Measuring Set Utility Whisk

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Camvius Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons 12 Piece Set: 5 Measuring Cups Sizes: ⅛ Cup (30ml), ¼ Cup (60ml), ⅓ Cup (80ml) & ½ Cup (125ml), 1 Cup (250ml) 5 Measuring Spoons Sizes: ¼ Tsp(1.25ml), ½ Tsp(2.5ml), 1 Tsp(5ml), ½ Tsp(7.5ml), 1 Tsp(15ml) 1 Leveler & 1 Mini Whisk: To remove excess amount of ingredients and help you mix seasonings easily. Features: Well-Made: Made of food grade 18/0 stainless steel, won't bend and rust resistant, BPA free, 100% safe and durable for a long time use.Soft silicone handles for those wet or greasy hands to hold tight. Removable Rings: Allow the cups/spoons to nest together in the drawer or hang on the wall and you can easily take apart to use when youneed. You can use a compact measuring set to keep your kitchen drawers or cupboard clean and no more clutter. Clear Engraved Markings : Each cup and spoon have engraved U.S. and metric measurement markings which are clear to read and never fade,so you can always get the accurate amount when you are cooking or baking. SPECIAL DESIGN : The rectangular design of the measuring spoon is slim and narrow to fit into spice jars. You won't need to shake spices ontothe spoon, so you will save more and waste less of your spices and also make your kitchen counter clean. GUARANTEE 100% satisfaction guarantee for risk-free shopping - If you have any queries about our product, just contact us any time you feel comfortable.


  • MEASURE YOUR BAKING INGREDIENTS ACCURATELY: The measuring cup set will ensure the success of any recipe you might want to test. With five different sizes, the measurement cups will handle the baking like a pro. The Camvius cup measure set will make sure you stick to the recipe and stop guessing the amount of ingredients needed for your baking or cooking.
  • USE YOUR MEASURING SET FOR A LONG TIME: Made of food-grade stainless steel, these measuring utensils are both lightweight and durable. The silicone handles ensure a good grip, preventing accidental spilling of the contents. Corrosion and rust-resistant, you'll be able to use your cups measure set over and over again after you easily wash them in the dishwasher.
  • BE AS PRECISE AS YOU NEED TO BE: Carefully graduated with engraved numbers that will resist to the daily wear and tear, the stainless steel measuring cups and spoons set is built for long-lasting use. With the appropriate cup depth for easy and effortless scooping, the mini measuring spoons also avoid food waste.
  • SAVE SPACE IN YOUR KITCHEN: Cleverly designed to fit one inside the other, this kitchen measuring set will occupy very little space in your kitchen drawer. Compact and practical, the measuring cups set and the measuring spoons are held together by a convenient storage clip, making sure you don't lose any of the metal measuring cups and spoons set.
  • THE DREAM TEAM IN THE KITCHEN: The dry measuring cups and the tiny measuring spoons are accompanied by a solid metal leveler which will prevent accidental overfilling of the steel measuring cups. The metal measuring cup set also includes a stainless steel whisk, suitable for a wide variety of tasks in the kitchen.

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