Marika Women's Jordan Performance Slim Legging 27 Inseam, Black, L

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Allow yourself to have it all with MARIKA Women’s "Jordan" Performance Slim Leggings. Unlike other workout leggings, MARIKA’s "Jordan" leggings for women allow you to move as freely as possible so it doesn’t restrain you from maxing out while working out. Additionally, this active wear offer a stylish design with back seam that will enhance and compliment your natural beauty while exercising. It features MARIKA’s own DRY-WIK technology that helps you keep cool and dry while you go the hardest during your exercise routine. Another useful feature of these comfortable leggings is its inner pocket which will keep your keys or phone tucked away without worrying about losing them. Do yourself a favor and get a pair now!


  • MOVE FREELY: Just as the name suggests, these sports leggings were made for your most rigorous workout routine. With MARIKA Women's "Jordan" Performance Slim Leggings, not only will you be allowed to do reach your peak performance when exercising, you will have full control on each and every one of your movements without any restriction
  • SLEEK DESIGN: MARIKA Women's "Jordan" Performance Slim Leggings allow you to look your best even when working your hardest. Its slim fit design is supplemented with a flattering back seam that will complement your curves and give you a sexier appearance. Whether someone is looking at you or looking in the mirror, rest assured that you'll be looking your best in these pair of black leggings.
  • COMFORT: These women's leggings were made for more than just its function and appearance, they were made for ultimate comfort. MARIKA Women's "Jordan" Performance Slim Leggings are blended with 86% Polyester and 14% Spandex which offers the perfect amount of flexibility while maintaining its shape. These gym leggings are ideal for your workout performance or for leisure time around your home.
  • DRY-WIK FINISH: MARIKA's patented technology allows you stop worrying about having excess sweat during your most intense workout. MARIKA Women's "Jordan" Performance Slim Leggings is designed with DRY-WIK technology which transports sweat and moisture away from the skin, to the outer layer of the leggings. Do not let sweat and moisture get in the way of reaching your peak performance during your workout routine.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Are you tired of carrying your keys or phone while working out? MARIKA Women's "Jordan" Performance Slim Leggings features an inside pocket which snugly fits your phone or keys within your sports leggings while you work out. With these pair of exercise leggings, you'll stop worrying about losing your keys or phone and focus about going your hardest during your workout.
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