Magnetic Pickup Tool - 24” Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool Sweeper Bendable Retriever Stick for Hard-to-Reach Home Sink Drains, Car Keys, USB's, Bolts, Nuts, Screws

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●This 24” Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool with 3.5LB Pull Capacity. Appropriate for auto repair shop, factory and household. Pickup metal parts, hardware tools, nuts and bolts, etc. ●This Magnetic Pickup Tool Pen Pocket Clip Design,3.5lbs magnetic pick-up has a Dia. 0.49"(12mm) Magnetic head. Suitable for working in narrow space. ●This Magnetic Pickup Tool has a telescopic stainless steel body, has a collapsed length of 5.1" (13cm) and an extended length of 24" (61cm), giving this item the benefit of being both compact and extendable. Pickup scrap within the drilling or milling machine. ●The magnetic pick-up tool is designed with a flexible shaft for hard-to-reach spots. It features a super-strong magnet ideal for picking up ferrous metal objects up to 3 Lbs. This tool is great for finding those metal nuts, bolts, screws and other metal pieces that have found their way into areas otherwise inaccessible to hands and eyes. This tool is perfect to have on hand in the home, garage, yard, and office.Advantage: 1.Picks up obstacles & debris effortless. 2.Will retrieve your ring that fell into the sink or toilet. 3.Super easy handle grip on top to make grabbing & cleaning a breeze. 4.Accessible for hard to reach narrow curves & crevices. 5.Spring-loaded Free bending & Free stretching. Features:  1.Material: 72A Steel 2.Pulling Power (lb.): 3.5 3.Collapsed Length(inch): 5.1 4.Extended Length(inch): 24 5.Magnetic Head Diameter(inch):0.49 6.Product Style: Retrieving Magnet Package Included: 1 Pcs* Magnetic Pickup


  • ▲LIGHTWEIGHT -- Magnetic Pick-up Tool has Sturdy Stainless Steel Magnet Stick Extendable from 5.1" (13cm) to 24" (61cm). Especially in Areas Hard to Reach.
  • ▲SPECIFICATION -- Extends up to 23", 0.49" Magnetic Head Diameter, 3.5lb Pulling Power, it can Satify you Magnetic Attraction Some Narrow Working Demand.
  • ▲DESIGN -- Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool with Easy Comfortable Grip Handle on Top, with Heavy Duty Steel Spring on the Bottom,Pen Pocket Clip Design,Makes Easy Retrieval of Small and non-ferrous Objects that Magnets Cannot.
  • ▲HIGH QUALITY -- Magnetic Pick-up Tool has Very Strong Magnetic,Hard non-Breakable Black Handle, with Super Sturdy Steel Spring which Doesn’t Get Rusty or Stuck when Pressing Down, and Strong Up Magnet Pull Capacity.
  • ▲MULTI-FUNCTION -- Magnetic Pick-up Tool for Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilet, Utility Sinks, Bathtubs and Shower Drain Cleaning ,During to Maintenance Freezer, Car, Appliances, Furniture or Any Other Place which is Hard to Get Access.

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