Magic Flying Ball Toy - Infrared Induction RC Drone, Disco Light LEDs, Rechargeable Helicopter - Unique Kids & Adults Christmas Stocking Stuffer Idea 2021, Best Teenage Girl, Teen Boy & Tweens Present

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Improve your child's or even your own hand-eye coordination with our Easy to Use Toy - makes an excellent toy for parties or just playing with the little ones. Quick to learn for everyone Press the ON switch on the bottom of the drone (make sure the ball is charged first) Hold the ball with the propellers facing upwards in your hand - you have 3 to 5 seconds from turning on to take-off Launch it in the air SO EASY TO CONTROL! Move the flying ball up by placing your hand underneath Move it sideways or forwards by putting your hand slightly to the side When done - click the remote control (INCLUDED) to stop the propellers and have the ball slowly glide down ULTRA SAFE! The ball comes with collision detection stopping it from hitting walls, windows or even house animals If it does touch any surface, then it will automatically stop Built with non toxic ABS plastic, the propellers are flexible and do not break while the ball itself does not shatter in any scenario SAY GOODBYE TO BATTERIES! The ball comes with a rechargeable battery and cable INCLUDED! Use no more than 5v/ 1A to charge & avoid fast-charge plugs The battery charges fully in less than 20 minutes Red lamp is on while charging When done power off protection prevents the ball from taking off WHO DO I BUY IT FOR? Boys & Girls age 3 or higher - kids less than 6 years of age should only play with adult supervision WHAT'S THE BEST OCCASION? Xmas Gifts Stocking Stuffers Birthday Presents Party Favors THE NUTTY TOYS GUARANTEE! We offer lifetime warranty, that's right LIFETIME WARRANTY, for our products, because we believe products should last you as long as you need them - if you encounter any issue with your NUTTY TOYS Flying Disco Ball please write us directly and we'll get to it ASAP. ADD TO CART TODAY! Limited quantities available


  • 😃 FUN TO PLAY WITH - Control the Flying Ball by placing your Hand beneath the Toy while in the air and guide it in any Direction thanks to built-in INFRARED INDUCTION Sensors - master HAND EYE COORDINATION together with the Kids or with Friends - Inside or Outside give it a go IN THE DARK and watch the Place light up in DISCO STYLE thanks to shining LEDs, the little ones will love it!
  • 👍 EASY TO USE - Charge it up, Turn the Switch on and watch it Take Off from your Hands - once you're done playing, press the Button on the Remote Controller to land safely - RC & USB Charging Cable INCLUDED - the built-in battery takes 20 Minutes to fully recharge and lasts up to 25 Minutes of INTERACTIVE PLAY flying up to 15 feet high - Get the hottest & coolest novelty Toy of the Year for Stocking Stuffers!
  • ✅ PERFECTLY SAFE - turning the Switch ON is designed with a 3 Seconds Delay so you have Time to position the Helicopter Ball for Take-Off - once in the Air, Infrared Sensors detect nearby Objects in order to avoid Collision and if the Drone does touch any Surface it will automatically turn off for Safety - the gadget also features power off protection when charging finishes - 6 year old children or younger should best only play with the toy under adult supervision;
  • "⚙️ SURPRISINGLY STURDY - Propellers are made of durable & more importantly flexible material so in case of impact they bend and then come back to their original shape. The heliball, made of non-toxic ABS material, is similarly designed to withstand high impact forces - if however anything happens, You are RISK FREE! Nutty Toys come with LIFETIME MANUFACTURER BACKED WARRANTY; Because we trust our products and hand-pick them ourselves, we will replace them immediately if asked; ADD TO CART NOW! "
  • 🎁 PERFECT GIFT IDEA & TOP STOCKING STUFFER - who would you gift one to? Your son, daughter, teen nephew or perhaps for a tween boy's or teenage girl's birthday present, or even for adults, why not? Christmas, Valentines or Easter, or perhaps a last minute Secret Santa Present are all great occasions. Fitting Xmas gift from 3 year old to 12 year old teens to grown-up men and women. Get this Best Seller Light Up Ball on Your 2020 Holiday Shopping List Today - Available with Prime!

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Magic Flying Ball Toy Infrared Induction Rc Drone, is it available on Amazon?

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 82% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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