LuvChew Premium Dog Chew Bones, Made with Real Chicken, Rawhide Free, Gluten Free, Made with Limited Ingredients, Delicious, Healthy, Highly Digestible, No Choking Hazard (Medium 5pcs/Pack)

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  • Delicious & Easily Digestible: Made with Real Chicken & Vegetables, Healthy vegetables help your dog digest better
  • Healthy & Safe: Gluten Free, Rawhide Free, Helps clean teeth & reduce tartar build-up
  • Limited Ingredients: less than 10 simple ingredients, Low in Sugar, Low in Carb
  • Highly Palatable: 27.5:1 compared to leading brands
  • Unique: U.S. Patented Products, Innovative and NOT MADE IN CHINA

LuvChew Chicken Roll is a Rawhide Free, Gluten Free premium dog chew product that is made with Limited Ingredients - Real Chicken and Wholesome Vegetables. We carefully select the most healthy and nutritious ingredients to craft the treats that your pets deserve. Our unique U.S. patented products are designed to make the dog chews long-lasting, highly palatable, digestible and delicious.

Why LuvChew?

LuvChew dog bone is a Healthier and Safer Alternative for Rawhide Chews, but just as Tasty!

What makes LuvChew different from Rawhide Chews? 

Rawhide is typically produced using multiple chemicals that leave toxins that your dog then ingests. Also, it poses a choking hazard and can even create digestive distress and intestinal blockage. LuvChew is made with natural ingredients, is easily digestible with a unique formula patented in the United States, and is preferred by . Leading Brands!

What are the main ingredients?

Real Chicken, Tapioca, Potato, Gelatin, Carrot, Parsley

Which LuvChew Size is best for my dog? 

We recommend choosing a size that is slightly larger than your dog's mouth. As an approximation, please refer to the following:

Bone Size Dog Size

Mini 5 to 10 lbs

Medium 11 to 50 lbs.

Large Over 50 lbs

LucChew is not recommended for puppies. Speak with your veterinarian about when it's appropriate to introduce LuvChew to your dog.

How do you do quality control for LuvChew?

We place the health and safety of pets first in everything that we do.LuvChew dog bones are made under the highest safety and quality standards. Every batch of LuvChew dog bones is placed through multiple microbiology tests by an independent lab to ensure an additional layer of safety. Our goal is to make the healthiest and safest dog chews possible for your pet.