LusOasis Vegan Pancake and Waffle Mix, Proudly Made In The USA - Gluten Free Savory Pancakes, Dairy Free Waffles, Low Carb, Diabetic Friendly Breakfast & Baking Mixes, Sweet & Savory

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What people say… “I really like the color, the texture, and the flavor of Sweet & Savory. The flavor is bold enough that you know it's an orange flavored waffle, also the scent and the feeling when you eat it. Phenomenal! Highly recommend it.” - Leo from Naperville, IL “Hands down the BEST waffle mix we’ve ever had. BF and baby approved!! SO SO good!” - Rebekah from Minneapolis, MNLusOasis creates naturally nutritious and delicious vegan foods, to celebrate our contribution to better health and a better planet. Every bite of food you take with us will serve a purpose to fuel your body with POSITIVE ENERGY bring you fun with BOLD FLAVORS clarify your mind with FAREWELL to SUGAR ADDICTION and clean satisfaction.Fun Fact: LusOasis [lʌs ō-'āsis] is inspired by our hope to elucidate (lus) your path to a healthy food oasis.FAQs: What makes your products keto & paleo friendly? Our products are made from mainly non-processed whole foods, such as nuts, seeds, and vegetables, soy free, and free of any refined sugars, making us both keto & paleo friendly. We're also dairy free, and free of any sweeteners, making us additionally friendly for the paleo diet. How do you make your products delicious without added sugar and sweetener? We discover and respect unique and delicious taste from every natural food we use. Sugar stimulates dopamine, and probably provides the easiest and cheapest way to make people associate such foods with deliciousness due to the happy hormone it releases. While at LusOasis, we create complex and novel flavor systems generated inherently within natural whole foods. These flavors are like a kaleidoscope, including savory, sweet, spicy, and sour in an intricate balance, and offer one-of-a-kind deliciousness to delight your palate! Where are your products made?Made with love in Chicago!


  • SUPERFOOD VEGAN PANCAKE MIX: Wake up to a satisfying, delicious and nutritious superfood breakfast with our vegan pancake and waffle mix. Our great tasting gluten free mixes are proudly made in the USA using protein rich almond flour, flaxseed tomato and nutritional yeast. Savor in the rich savory flavor without the guilt of excess carbs and sugar. Our low carb pancake mix is made with no added sugars and no sweeteners so you can take on the day with a full stomach and sustainable energy
  • GLUTEN-FREE WAFFLE & PANCAKE MIX: Our Sweet & Savory Pancake and Waffle mix is made here in the USA with gluten free almond flour and rice flour, so anyone can enjoy our tasty recipe, even those with gluten intolerances. This incredibly tasty waffle and pancake mix is suitable for vegan diets and is diabetic friendly so anyone following a strict nutrition plan can whip up some delicious pancakes and waffles. Our Sweet & Savory vegan pancake mix is here to help support your wellness journey
  • QUICK & EASY TO MAKE: Our pre-mixed pancake and waffle mix is easy and quick to make, whether you are looking to cook up a tower of fluffy, hardy pancakes, crunchy, savory waffles or even a satisfying snack! Just add water and oil to your LusOasis mix, whisk together, let sit for five minutes, and cook on a greased pan, waffle iron, or griddle. With our mix, you will find that cooking something delicious and nutritious can be quick, easy, and incredibly tasty!
  • GET CREATIVE IN THE KITCHEN: Sure you can add this batter to a pan or a griddle to make your favorite pancakes and waffles. But our mix doesn't stop at just waffles and pancakes! You can go beyond breakfast with this easy to whip up mix. The balanced and indulgent sweet and savory flavors serve as a perfect recipe for vegan scones, pizza crusts, breads and more. Our base recipe calls for water and oil, but we encourage you to get creative with your own personal favorite additions!
  • SWEET INDULGENCE & SAVORY DECADENCE: Though we are select on ingredients, we don't skimp on flavor! Our USA made Sweet Savory Pancake and Waffle Mix has mouth-watering savory and sweet flavors such as bright savory tomato and nutty almond. In fact, because of the simple and wholesome ingredients we use to make our mix, you can really enjoy the perfect balance of sweet & savory. Our waffle and pancake mix also pairs great with nut and seed toppings

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