LumenKind, Mindful Marks. Tiny Temporary Tattoo Intention Stickers that Help You Focus Your Thoughts. Includes a Mini Pack to Share Mindfulness. Unique Gifts for Present Moment Awareness.

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WHAT ARE MINDFUL MARKS? Mindful Marks are temporary, wearables designed to remind you to be present and to activate your intentions. They are simple, fun tools designed to help you find your best self. Each Pack includes 30+ Marks. HOW ARE THEY USED? You can follow the suggested intentions or create your own meanings for each design. With an intention in mind, place your mark on your skin on a visible spot where it will remind you of your focus. HOW LONG DO MINDFUL MARKS LAST? The half inch marks will last anywhere from 3-7 days depending on your skin, placement and activity level. Places that are more likely to be rubbed by clothing, jewelry, lotion will reduce the length of stay. Visit our How to page for more tips on lengthening duration. CAN I GIVE MINDFUL MARKS AS A GIFT? Yes! Mindful Marks make great gifts. - Birthday, help make their wishes come true - Get Well, be with someone during their healing by sharing this experience - Congratulations, keep the good momentum going from their big moment - Friendship, show loved ones you care about what matters most to them - Encouragement, be "with" a loved one as they work through a rough patch in life - Client Thank you, show your gratitude with the gift of NOW. ARE MINDFUL MARKS SAFE? Yes! Our Mindful Marks, considered "water transfer" decal-type temporary tattoos, are made in the United States with ingredients that have been approved for cosmetic use by the FDA. They are non-toxic. The safety and quality of our products is very important to us and we ensure everything we produce meets or exceeds an extensive list of regulations and requirements. Have specific questions?


  • These temporary wearable reminders for your intentions help you rise above distractions and stay present to what matters most. Pack includes:
  • 30+ Mindful Marks (1/2 inch each) with unique designs that represent eight core intentions in variety of colors
  • Invitation to mindfulness and suggested intentions for each design
  • Mini Pack to share with friends
  • Your collection will arrive in an envelope ready for you to begin your journey or gift to a friend! Mindful Marks are individually perforated and will wear off when it's time to renew or refresh your commitment - typically a few days depending on placement and care.

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