Little Treasures Cheese Burger Game with 17 Stacking Hamberger Pieces for 2-4 Players for Ages 3 and Up

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The Little Treasures Stacking Burger game is a test of hand steadiness and coordination as players try to build a complete without knocking it over! Set-Up: Set up the balance plate on a level play surface and place the bun on top. How to Play: Gameplay starts with the youngest player. Begin with the first player rolling the ingredient die that will say which burger topping needs to go on first. The game will go clockwise to the next player who will also roll the die to determine which piece they get to place. Objective: To place your burger piece without knocking the burger off the bun. If you knock the burger off, you lose the game. Rules: At your turn, you can only use one hand to place the burger ingredient. You may not touch any of the pieces that have already been placed on top of the burger. If you do, you must take back your piece and lose your turn. Once you have removed your hand from your burger topping, your turn is over; you may not try to adjust or move it to a better position. If there are no available pieces remaining of the ingredient you roll, you may roll again until you get one that is. Solo Game: Build the burger on your own, rolling the die to select which ingredient goes on next, and trying to place all toppings on top of the crust without toppling the burger over.


  • Pile up Game includes 7 stackable chees burger ingredients: tomatoes, bacon, burger patties, pickles, lettuce, cheese, and bun, as well as game die and balancing plate
  • Helps children work on their sensory skills
  • Kids Can play either solo or with multiple players
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination as players try not to topple the burger
  • HAPPY GUARENTEED: The Toy play set is packed in a detailed, colorful box with instructions included! 100% satisfaction guaranteed - if you are unhappy with the toy for any reason, you can get a hassle free refund.

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