LinkTap G1 Wireless Water Timer & Gateway, Cloud Controlled Smart Hose Faucet Timer, Greater Wireless Coverage Than Wi-Fi, 2 Yrs Battery Life, Quick 2 Mins Installation, Rain Skip, Improved Flow Rate

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Designed in Australia, LinkTap low-power wireless water timer & gateway allow you to use your smartphone, tablet or computer to easily control your garden watering from anywhere you have internet access. Through LinkTap's intuitive mobile app or web app, you can set up watering schedule or turn on and off water immediately with just a few clicks on your smartphone at any time, either home or away.

One LinkTap gateway can control 15 wireless water timers. To get add-on water timers, visit


Improved water flow rate (over 8.5 Gal/m) since June 2019.

2 minutes easy setup.

Low power design. 4 AA alkaline batteries can last over two years.

Better wireless coverage and more reliable wireless connection than WiFi's.

6 work modes to meet the most advanced watering requirement:
- Instant mode: Start or stop watering immediately.
- Calendar mode: Watering on calendar dates.
- Month mode: Watering every day in specified months.
- Odd-Even mode: Watering on odd or even dates.
- Interval mode: Watering on an interval day basis.
- 7-Day mode: Watering on a weekly basis.

All work modes have ECO function to save water.

Up to 100 watering cycles per day with 1 min. ~ 23 hrs 59 mins watering duration per cycle.

Rain Skip function to save water.

Receive push notifications for watering start/watering end/rain skip/battery low/gateway offline events.

View your local weather forecast, watering and rain skip history of past 90 days in the app.

View real-time watering progress status in the app.

American GHT thread.

Operating water pressure range is 2.9-116psi.

RCM, FCC, IC, CE and RoHS approved.


  • WATER YOUR PLANTS FROM ANYWHERE with a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer: 6 different work modes (Instant mode, Calendar mode, Month mode, Interval mode, Odd-even mode and 7-day mode) give you fully flexible watering control. With up to 100 watering cycles per day, each watering cycle duration lasts up from 1 min. to 23 hours 59 mins. Works with Alexa and Google Home for voice control.
  • SAVE WATER: Rain Skip feature saves you water by automatically skipping watering cycles before or after it rains. Instant Mode allows you to easily turn the water off in a real-time manner whenever needed. ECO function saves water by repeatedly opening and closing the valve during the watering cycle, allowing more soak-in and less run off.
  • GREATER WIRELESS COVERAGE THAN WIFI: LinkTap Wireless Water Timer uses proprietary Zigbee protocol which has greater wireless coverage and more reliable connection than WiFi. Low power design with over 2 years battery life. One LinkTap Gateway can control up to 8 LinkTap Wireless Water Timers simultaneously. Up to 3 LinkTap gateways can be accessed from one LinkTap user account.
  • TWO MINUTES INSTALLATION: Super easy to install and use, can be controlled either from mobile app or web app. Designed in Australia for outdoor usage, with an IP66 waterproof design that sustains harsh weather conditions and comes with a 2 Years warranty. American GHT thread.
  • HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL FREE LINKTAP APP (Android and iOS) and Web App: Receive real time notifications on your phone for watering start or end, rain skip, battery low, gateway offline events. View 90 days rain skip & watering history data, real-time watering progress and your local weather forecast in the LinkTap App.

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