Lightkeeper Pro Miniature Light Repairing Tool - Fixes Christmas Holiday light sets with a squeeze of the trigger- Includes 50 Spare Bulbs and a Battery Tester Which can be Used with C, D, AAA, AA, 9V, N and Button Cell Batteries

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LIGHTKEEPER PRO PLUS 50 BULBS & Battery Tester - Two repair methods: 1) The Quick Fix Trigger Method to repair Shunt issues on light sets. This is the #1 cause of light set failure and can cause a whole section of lights to become unlit when the culprit is really only 1 or 2 bad bulbs. 2) The Audible Voltage Detector which helps to find other causes of light failure besides shunt issues like missing/broken bulbs, socket issues, etc. Includes built-in Bulb & Fuse Tester, Bulb Puller, compartment in the handle to store spare bulbs and fuses, three (3) 1.5 Volt button cell batteries included. NOTE - This device WILL NOT fix LED light sets, C7 or C9 sets, tube/rope lights and series light sets that have control boxes for motion or music. TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS: 1) We offer multiple instructional videos on our website: 2) Our Audible Voltage Detector does not work on LIT light sets. Therefore, we recommend staying focused on UNLIT sections of lights when using this feature. We explain this further in our instructional video on our website. A great way to practice with this feature is to take a lit and functional light set that is loose and not attached to anything. Remove one bulb from a section, causing that section to become unlit. Then scan. You are in complete control as you know exactly where the issue is – the missing bulb. You can scan along the set before and after that empty bulb socket to get more familiar with these readings. 3) If this is a new LightKeeper Pro, we recommend cleaning the batteries on both sides with a paper towel. You’ll want to make sure you get them back into the tool correctly and if you need guidance on that, there is a section within your yellow/purple instruction manual to help with this. 4) We offer a toll free number (888-858-2548) so our technicians can help consumers with any issues or questions. There are tips/tricks we'd love to share on pre-lit trees & more.


  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: LightKeeper Pro Holiday and Christmas Tree Light Repair Tool, Holiday Battery Tester, and 50 Spare Bulbs
  • 3-WAY BULB PULLER: This Light Repair Tool helps release tight and stubborn bulbs from their sockets without any damage
  • WORKING: The LightKeeper Pro Quick Fix Trigger sends a shaped, electrical pulse through the defective bulb, clearing the shunt. This forces the problem shunt to activate and allows the electricity flow again like it should. The current can then flow through the light set completing the circuit and illuminating the other bulbs
  • CONTINUITY/VOLTAGE DETECTOR: Each wall plug has a Hot, Neutral and Ground contact. Electricity is powered from the Hot contact and flows through the lights. It is similar to water flowing in a pipe. The LightKeeper Pro Continuity Detector/Voltage Detector uses an IC (Integrated Circuit) chip to find where the flow of electricity stops
  • BATTERY TESTER: The included battery tester helps you to test out all C, D, AAA, AA, 9V, N and Button Cell Batteries

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