[Latest 2020] HDTV Digital Antenna 4K 1080p - 120 Mile Range, UHF & VHF Reception, ICPCB Chip, Signal Booster Amplifier, Professional Carbon Fiber Indoor TV Antenna

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Take the jump and cut the cord! This Digital TV Antenna receives crystal clear 4K 1080P channels. 

Channels include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, Univision & MORE! A great variety of channel types include local news, weather, sitcoms, kids & sports.


Jump for joy with the incredible savings. Save anywhere from $80 - $120 per month or $960 - $2544 per year. All of this from just a ONE TIME less than $30 purchase. Help save for your kid's college fund or take that long-needed vacation every year.


You will not regret this purchase with all of the money you can save per year. You'll be happy with all of the HD channels you can now watch for FREE!



Features and Benefits of our product:

  • 4K 1080p crystal clear picture
  • No pixelation
  • Easy setup
  • Long 80-mile range
  • Local news, weather, sitcoms, kids & sports
  • Fasten anywhere easily
  • Modern minimalist design



Product Information:

  • Includes 1 HDTV antenna with coaxial & USB cords
  • Comes with BONUS coaxial adapter
  • Simple instructions online
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Upgraded signal-boosting amplifier


Product Use:

Place the antenna in an area with good reception.

  • Option 1:  Plug the coax cable through your set-top box which is plugged into your TV. Then, plug the USB power for the amplifier into your TVs/set box's USB port. 
  • Option 2: Plug the coax cable directly to your TV. Followed by connecting the USB to the TV.
  • Option 3: Plug JUST the coax cable from the TV antenna into your set-top box which is plugged into your TV.
  • Option 4: Plug JUST the coax cable from the TV antenna directly into your TV.


  • STOP PAYING FOR CABLE - Get free HD channels on the major networks available in your area. This digitally amplified indoor antenna can be hooked up to digital and older TVs. No more monthly fees or annual contracts you can't get out of so you can enjoy your TV again!
  • GET CHANNELS UP TO 120 MILES AWAY - The signal amplifier boosts reception up to 120 miles so the antenna picks up your favorite channels. Our smart integrated circuit PCB chip technology filters out most cellular and radio interference to keep your programming free and clear.
  • FOR ALL HDTV, SMART, EDTVs - The digital antenna, coax cable and amplifier all work with any TV, but Analog or SDTVs require an additional converter box (not included). Use the amplifier if you live more than 20 miles from a broadcast tower.
  • EASY TO MOUNT OR HANG - Hang the antenna with the 3M sticky tape or lay it on a flat surface to help boost your TV's channel reception. Mount it wherever reception is best (higher is better). The copper coated coaxial cable helps reduce signal interference for superior HD reception and reliability.
  • THIN AND DISCREET DESIGN - The antennae is only 11"x 12" and 1/2" thick, which means you can place it almost anywhere without ruining your home décor. The back of the antenna can even be lightly decorated without inhibiting performance. The amplifier requires either a USB or wall outlet power source.

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