KOS Organic Cordyceps Powder - Potent, Dual-Extracted Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 12.35 oz.

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KOS Organic Cordyceps Powder Cordyceps - a rare fungus - is a time-tested energy booster. Of all the magical mushrooms in Mother Nature's plant pantry, the Cordyceps fungus has one of the strangest journeys from spore to survival. It is a parasite that sucks life from caterpillar larva and grows right out of the decayed remains. Something about that struggle causes Cordyceps to create compounds uniquely beneficial. Well-regarded as a system supporter, there's little doubt that we will continue to discover new benefits from this formidable fungus. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  • MIRACLE UN-MUSHROOM: Cordyceps is not your everyday mushroom supplement. In fact it's not a mushroom at all, but an entomopathogenic fungus. This miracle "mushroom" powder reduces inflammation and promotes a healthy respiratory system.
  • ENHANCED IMMUNITY FUNCTION: Cordyceps' anti-inflammatory mechanism seems to derive from its interaction with the immune system itself, and its excitation and stimulation of protective cells that patrol the body for cellular mutations.
  • BOOST ENDURANCE: Studies have suggested that cordyceps improves endurance and has a measurable effect on stamina. It's thought cordyceps elevates the body's supply of ATP, the chemical catalyst of cellular energy.
  • CHOLESTEROL CONTROL: Trouble with cholesterol? Proven to knock down "bad" LDL cholesterol and elevate our "good cholesterol" friend HDL. Control your cholesterol with ease by adding to a smoothie or juice or even a mushroom tea / mushroom coffee.
  • FAST TRACK RESPIRATORY RECOVERY: Cordyceps smashes oxidtive stress and the broad systemic damage that it causes, by smashing free radicals. Less oxidative stress means less breathing issues.

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