Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set- 5 Piece- Silicon Cookware Multi-Tools, Heat Resistant Silicone Edges, Non-Stick, Dishwasher Safe- Ladle, Pasta Fork, Cooking Spoon, Slotted Spatula, Saw Tooth Skimmer

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How to Become a Smarter Cook in One Easy Step? Create with All the Right Tools & Stay “In the Zone” While You Make Your Best Dish Yet! Here at Soltam we know all about how subpar kitchen utensils can impact your cooking experience. Whether you’re at home or enjoying an escapade in the Great Outdoors, you need reliable tools that don’t get in the way- only make it easier for you to enjoy what matters; tasty moments with loved ones. Complete Kitchen Utensil Set by Soltam ✅ 1x Cooking Ladle- With smart culling holes for herbs & embossed measurements ✅ 1x Pasta Fork/ Spaghetti Server-With drainage holes & portion measuring hole ✅ 1x Cooking Skimmer-With saw-tooth edges & culling holes for herbs ✅ 1x Slotted Spatula/ Flipper-With saw-tooth edges to cut and taste as you cook ✅ 1x Non-Slotted Cooking Spoon- For all-purpose cooking What Makes Our Cooking Tools a Must-Have? ⭐ Ergonomic & Flexible: The anti-slip silicone along with the curved shape gives you total control over your tools. ⭐ Extremely Heat-Resistant: Cook away over high-heat or fire with peace of mind as all our utensils are heat-resistant at up to 220 Degrees (428 F). ⭐ Anti-Scratch: Save your prized non-stick pans from damage and preserve their coating like new for longer- the silicon material will never scratch or damage your cookware ⭐ Safe for Your Family: Made with food-grade, non-toxic, BPA-Free Silicone material; aka made to be your trusted cooking tools for years of amazing, mouthwatering meals. Keep Cooking Without Headaches or Flimsy Utensils that Break or Melt ✅ Save yourself from mishaps during cooking ✅ Save your favorite pots and pans from scratching damage Click Add to Cart- Your Journey to Smarter Cooking Awaits!


  • ALL YOU NEED TO START COOKING, THE SMART WAY- Soltam brings you a 5-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set that helps you become a smarter cook, for years on end. Our set features 5 Multi-Tools: 1x 13” Cooking Ladle, 1x 13.4” Pasta Fork/ Spaghetti Server, 1x 13” Non-Slotted Cooking Spoon, 1x 13.5” Slotted Spatula/ Flipper, 1x 13” Cooking Skimmer with Saw-Tooth Edges.
  • WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR COOKWARE- Each piece in our utensil set is made with non-slip grip, flexible silicone that is heat resistant up to 220 Degrees (428 F). Cook with confidence over high heat and never scratch your pot’s/pan’s non-stick coating; all our utensils come with a special silicone edge that prevents damage and makes scraping, mixing & flipping easier, thanks to its sharp design.
  • DO MORE, WITH LESS UTENSILS- LADLE: Features smart holes to help you cull herbs easily and comes with embossed measurements that make life easier. SPATULA & SKIMMER: Feature smart culling holes for herbs, and saw-tooth sides to help you cut on the fly- excellent for camping & outdoors cooking. PASTA FORK: Features smart drainage holes & a portion measurement opening.
  • OUR TOOLS ARE ALL BPA-FREE, YOURS? Enjoy complete peace of mind for you and your family as all our kitchen utensils are made with Non-Toxic, BPA-Free Silicone. What’s more, cleaning also becomes a breeze as everything in our set is dishwasher-safe.
  • SOLTAM, A STAPLE IN KITCHEN EQUIPMENT- For over 65 years Soltam has been providing professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts with the best kitchen equipment & tools possible. Discover our collection of cooking gear that’s designed to make your kitchen experience easier, for years on end. Order your set today and let’s make cooking so much more exciting!

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