Keppi Berberine Immune Support - Berberine HCL 1200mg - 60 Capsules - Supports Immune Function, Glucose Metabolism, and Diabetes, PCOS Cardiovascular Heart and Gastrointestinal Health Non GMO

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Our maximum strength Berberine supplement provides a whopping 1200mg dose that is at least 20% stronger than most other brands offering Berberine 1000mg doses. Keppi Berberine is made with the most potent 1200mg dose of Berberine Hydrochloride, or Berberine HCl. Each capsule is made from 600mg of pure Berberine powder that has been widely researched and shown to be easily absorbed by the body. Our Berberine complex is manufactured in an FDA registered facility here in the USA that is GMP compliant. berbine berberin burburine berburine barberine berberene berberine hci metformin bergamot capsules active pk metformin 500mg ampk activator atrantil barberry active - pk active pk supplement gynostemma berberine quercetin active-pk banaba leaf candibactin ar bht gluco defend candibactin ampk activator weight loss active pk reviews glucodefend solaray berberine berberine gluco gold


  • MAX STRENGTH 1200MG BERBERINE HCL FOR A HEALTHIER YOU - Keppi's premium Berberine is made with the strongest 1200mg dose of Berberine Hydrochloride which has been widely researched and shown to be easily absorbed by the body. With 150 capsules per bottle, you get both potent strength Berberine and maximum value with a 75 day suppply. See for yourself why Berberine has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for more than 3000 years.
  • EFFECTIVE IN THE MANAGEMENT OF DIABETES, PRE DIABETES AND PCOS - Berberine HCL (Berberis Aristata) is a compound found in plants such as barberry and goldenseal which has been clinically researched to show it may help lower blood sugar and cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes and PCOS. Daily consumption of Berberine can assist achieving enhanced blood sugar control and increasing your performance in A1C hemoglobin testing.
  • AIDS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AND PCOS TREATMENT - Berberine may reduce appetite stimulating hormones and fat storage enzymes to assist your body's ability to lose weight. Berberine also offers natural support to women with PCOS by regulating insulin and glucose levels. Studies have shown daily Berberine consumption may improve fertility, assist with weight loss, and lower the risk of metabolic complications associated with PCOS such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and fatty liver disease.
  • SUPPORTS THE BODY'S MANAGEMENT OF CHOLESTEROL, BLOOD PRESSURE, IBS AND MORE - Our vegan Berberine complex can be used daily to support the body's response to high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure that can result in chest pains, heart attacks and the risk of strokes. Berberine can also aid in the management of IBS, SIBO and your immune system. Daily consumption of Berberine can provide your body with a myriad of health benefits.
  • 100% COMMITMENT TO HAPPY CUSTOMERS We take customer happiness seriously at Keppi which is why we offer the maximum strength 1200mg dose and 150 capsules per bottle, so you get the best value with a 75 day supply. If you aren't fully satisfied as a customer or don't feel the benefits of our max strength Berberine, we'll refund your purchase with no hassles. Try our Berberine and see for yourself why this all natural supplement has been used in ancient medicine for more than 3000 years.

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