Keenstone Weighted Baseballs, Heavy Training Balls for Hitting, Batting and Pitching Training, 16 oz Baseball Practice Balls, PVC Shell, Iron Sand Filling 9 Pack

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Get ready for baseball season with the Keenstone Weighted Baseball. Keenstone Weighted Hitting and Batting Training Balls are created to help develop hitters to drive the bat barrel through the ball. This ball is made with highly durable materials to withstand high impacts. Weighing in at 16oz, this ball is amazing for improving the power in your swing with consistent hits in a controlled area. Keenstone Weighted Baseball is perfect for all of your baseball and softball training needs. ★★Features★ ★ ▶Sold in 6 Packs: Ball Size: 2.8" - Ball Weight: 16 oz ▶Limited Flight:These weighted balls are helpful in tight training areas because their weighted design limits ball flight. ▶Throwing Drills:Use these weighted balls during short throw and isolation drills to build throwing specific muscle groups. ▶Balls are excellent for pitching velocity training. ▶Great to be used for pre-game warm-up for all baseball players. ▶Designed for indoor or outdoor use. ▶Practice within small areas or limited space without batting net. ▶Durable construction and made to last!


  • 【FOR ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS】All athlete, regardless of age and skill levels, can add these hitting training balls to their training regimen. Whether you plan to use them for baseball hitting training, pitching, or batting, these training balls can help you improve your throw and develop your skills. Perfect to help you warm-up before a game or practice, or to slowly build up arm strength.
  • 【DURABLE】These baseball training balls are made from a pliable, squeezable material and are filled with sand, which is ensuring durability and ultra-hardness. They won't easily crack or shatter even after years of repeated hard hits and throws, catering to your frequent daily practice.
  • 【BUILD POWER】These balls weigh 16 ounces. Develop muscle groups specific to batter and pitcher movements. Strengthen your swings and throws. Build power while warming up, dual-purpose workout. Scientifically designed weight provides instant feedback, so that you can adjust and correct your swing accordingly to increase your hitting power and accuracy.
  • 【INSTANT FEEDBACK】Weighted Balls are designed to give you instant feedback on your baseball or softball swing. With the Training Balls easily see how proper hits and mishits change the distance and trajectory of the ball. So they can get a better understanding of how the whole body reacts in their swing mechanics.
  • 【IDEAL WARM UP TOOL】These are perfect for warm-up tosses before games to help build your batter's confidence. You can also use these balls to build up arm strength by playing catch. Great warm-up balls that really gives you a sense of how well you are hitting the ball.

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