Jack Link’s Premium Cuts Beef Steak, Original, Great Protein Snack with 22g of Protein and 130 Calories per Serving, Made with 100% Premium Beef, 2 Ounce (Pack of 12)

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Product Description Jack Link’s Premium Cuts Beef Steak is an original Jack Link’s product based on his great-grandfathers old-world recipes. It’s a premium slice of beef seasoned with that special blend of spices and slow smoked over hardwoods. Talk about an epic protein snack! Packed full of 23g of protein per serving, snacking on our savory Beef Steak bars are a delicious way to get more protein every day. Leveraging generations of jerky making expertise, they are made with lean, 100% premium beef and seasoned with Jack Link’s signature blend of Original spices. It’s slow cooked over hardwood smoke for a classic jerky taste and easy-to-chew texture you’ll crave. Stick a steak in your backpack, your back pocket, your jacket pocket. Wherever you can conveniently grab it when hunger strikes. No refrigeration required, it’s the perfect snack for work, home, the trails or the lake. Jack Link’s is the America’s #1 selling jerky brand, and we are proud to be a family-owned company! When you rip open a package of Jack Link’s, you will get a taste of the American tradition that made this family business a success: hard work, fun and quality products. Jack Link’s protein snacks are the fuel for people to Feed Their Wild Side, no matter the occasion. About the Brand A Word from Jack... We’re a company from a town that you’ve likely never heard of with a jerky that you have. As a matter of fact, we’ve got the best-selling jerky in all of North America and the fastest growing in the world. Not bad for a family business based in Minong, Wisconsin, population 521. We’re smack dab in the middle of the great Northwoods – somewhere between "where the heck are we" and God’s country. It’s the kind of place where flannel’s good enough for Sunday, and coffee only comes one way--black. Around here, there is fresh clean air, lots of trees, good fishing and hunting. If we didn’t already live here, it would be a great place to get away from it all. So, how did a guy from Minong start making beef jerky? Well, it came to me one day when my boys and I were headed out to the woods for an afternoon hunt. We stopped at a local store for snacks and bought some jerky out of the glass jar on the counter. Turned out to be about as tough as our hunting boots. It was clear to me that whoever made that tough jerky cut the meat the wrong way. You see, I know all about cutting beef, since my family’s been in the meat business since the 1890s. Well, the boys and I went back home and found my great-grandfather’s original recipes. The paper was yellowed, but the recipes were as good as the day they were written. We decided to try our hand at making jerky the genuine, authentic way. It turned out even better than we could have hoped for. It didn’t take long for us to decide to share our jerky with the rest of the folks in the area. We started selling our Jack Link’s Jerky out of the back of my truck from one mom-and-pop store to the next. Pretty soon, it was nearly impossible to keep up. Folks just couldn’t get enough of our jerky. So we geared up to make more. And more. And more. Instead of just sharing our jerky with folks around here, we started sharing it with the world--adding new flavors, new textures and new sizes. In fact, I like to think we changed the way people think about jerky. They’re just not willing to settle for jerky as tough as an old hunting boot anymore. Even with all the changes over the years, the important things have stayed the same. We’re still making jerky from our own time-tested recipes--the kind of jerky my father, grandfather and great-grandfather would be proud to claim as their own. -- Jack Link


  • Twelve 2-ounce packs of seasoned and smoked, juicy, flavor-packed, Original beef steak. Before jerky, there were steaks and strips
  • Jack Link's is the #1 selling beef jerky brand
  • Enjoy a snack that's a good source of protein with 23 grams per serving (Good source of protein. Nutritional values vary by flavor. See nutrition panels for complete nutrition information for each flavor.)
  • The perfect on-the-go snack to take to the gym, camping, hiking, sailing, or any place you can be and eat at the same time
  • No added MSG

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What is the current price of Jack Links Premium Cuts Beef Steak Original Great?

Its current price is $24.08

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