Itscool Solar Spotlights, Colored Tree Spot Lights Solar with Remote Control, 9 Colors Fixed or Auto Change for Yard

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Itscool Colored Solar Spotlights Outdoor Solar Landscape Projector Lights with Remote Control For Garden Patio-[Pack of 2]
Panel: 5V/300mA
LED: 4pcs RGBW
Materials: ABS
Lithium Battery: 3.7V/2000mAH
Remote control: 3-7 meters.
Lumen: 200lums. In dark nights it is very beautiful.
Rainproof: IP65

1. 8 colored lights and white light. Every color can be set long time working include the white. Or all lights change per 30s or 30m.
2. Operation by remote control or switch and button on the solar garden spotlight. Each package of 2 includes 1pc remote control to control all units.
3. Long lifespan, the solar panel can work 10 years. Battery, chips, housing can work for a few years.

Installation of the colored solar spotlights with remote control:
1.plug on the garden ground
2.mount on the wall or trunks.
Easy installation, with default settings, just assemble and switch it on, then it works.
Please install it under good sunshine and avoid other light sources at night.

Color setting:
Use remote control or button on the solar spotlight to set colors:
A), auto changing.
B), press the button, it will change and fix to next color.
C),press the keys on the remote control, the color change accordingly.
For more details please refer to the manual.

Why this colored solar spotlight is higher price?
Some aspects to affect the cost of the spotlights:
1. to promise the brightness and working time, we use a bigger battery.
2. to charge the bigger battery we have to use a bigger size solar panel which promises the spotlights to work at winter.
3. bigger solar panel needs bigger package, higher shipping cost and final delivery cost.
4.Plus our remote control which other solar spotlights don't have.
All increase the cost, the price is reasonably higher.


  • 1. Itscool outdoor solar spotlights has 8 colors auto-shifting; or you can fix to a single color (any color among all the colors); high brightness RGBW LED chip. Compared with many similar solar spotlight, we use bigger solar panel, this unit is good to use in winter with less sunshine.
  • 2. Every pack of 2 pcs solar spotlights include one remote control, when you install the solar spotlight on the wall or tie on the tree, you can use remote control to set the lighting time or color.
  • 3. Longtime working: this solar spotlight can work about 16 hours in high brightness after fully charged. In case of continuous bad weather, customers can set it to work less time every night, so it can work more nights. Battery will be fully charged within 7 hours under strong direct sunlight.
  • 4. This outdoor spotlights will auto recharging at day time, auto turn on at night and turn off in the morning. Or you can use remote to turn it on or off (the hard switch can be always on). Please note: this spot light is for landscape atmosphere lighting only, it can not be as bright as a illlumination flood lamp. In dark night, it is very beautiful for lighting on small trees, fountain or other objects...
  • 5. Both solar panel and the light head of the solar spotlights can change angle almost 180 degrees to face the right direction; solar panel can be better facing the sun and lights be better facing the objects you want to illminate. Warranty: We have one year warranty for this product although it can last for a few years. (Solar panel 10 years, LED chips 50000 hours, battery more than 500 times charge and discharge outdoor housing a few years...)

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 92% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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