interval Social Distancing Multi-Tool (Rose Gold) – No Touch Door Opener and Stylus Supports Hands-Free Opening of Doors and Use of Keypads and POS Terminals – Safe Touch Tool for Keychains

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Go hands-free This innovative no-contact door opener and stylus provides a safe, efficient alternative to using your hands and fingers on high-traffic objects such as door handles, keypads, toilet flush handles and more. With its triple-function design you can pull open restaurant doors, latch bathroom stall doors and sign for purchases on point-of-sale terminals without directly touching them yourself. Make a clean get-away Interval is a lightweight, rustproof no-touch key made of rugged zinc alloy. Unlike other door openers on the market, it works on touchscreen keypads at checkout stands so you never again have to use your finger to sign for purchases. It even boasts an integrated bottle opener for 1 efficient keyring multitool that does it all. You can also affix the Interval Touch Preventing Tool to your ID lanyard or retractable badge reel so it is always at your fingertips, ready to put a safe distance between you and high traffic surfaces. Limit your exposure to high traffic surfaces by limiting your personal touch. Add the Interval Touchless Key Tool to your personal protective equipment   UPDATE: During shipping the rubber portion of the tip may become compacted to the underlying metal tip, which may result in diminished functionality of the stylus. To fix this issue please do the following: Remove the rubber tip and put it back over the metal tip. Ensure that there is a small amount of space between the metal and the rubber tip. This will solve the issue if you experienced diminished functionality of the stylus tip.  


  • GO TOUCH-FREE to protect yourself from germs, bacteria and viruses. The interval Non-Contact Door Opener Tool is designed to put space between you and high-traffic surfaces such as ATM keypads, restroom latches and POS terminals.
  • 3-POINT FUNCTIONALITY opens doors in most commercial settings and includes a silicone rubber stylus tip for signing at credit card terminals and punching ATM buttons. It also boasts a bottle opener to make it a true keychain multitool.
  • RUSTPROOF ZINC ALLOY is sleek, lightweight and durable. The patent-pending interval Social Distancing Germ Key Tool can be attached to a badge reel or keyring for quick accessibility at work and in retail establishments. It also fits inside of most UV boxes for easy sanitization
  • STOP THE TRANSMISSION of harmful contaminants from one surface to the next. By using our contactless door opener tool, you will inhibit cross-contamination of other items. Withdraw money at the ATM or open a store door without transferring germs to products and furnishings.
  • HANDSOMELY CREATED in your choice of matte rose gold or silver tones, the interval No Touch Tool makes a thoughtful gift for men, women and children. Keep your loved ones safe from germs, bacteria and viruses lurking on door handles and other surfaces.

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