I'm Going to Be a Big Brother!

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Product Description Note: MP3 is online downloadable content and the book does not include any CD Help prepare for the arrival of a new baby sibling This colorful tale is designed to help prepare the soon-to-be older brother for the arrival of a new baby. This book helps give parents the language needed to speak to their son in a way that is supportive, complimentary, and caring. In this story, Sam learns about preparing for the new baby's arrival, and what it truly means to be a big brother. Sam is excited when he finds out that being a big brother is going to be one of the most important roles in his life! A perfect gift for those who care about creating healthy sibling and family relationships. Along with Sam, your son will learn what it means to be a big brother: Which toys are safe for babies and which are dangerous Who will be with him when the baby is born When it's okay to pick up the baby The importance of his new role in the family A discussion about the real-life issue of parents' temporary absence while at the hospital prepares the youngster for what might otherwise be a confusing and frightening time Included is a handy tip sheet with succinctly detailed suggestions for supporting the older child, as well as a download link for the upbeat and catchy tune, "Watch Me Baby, Watch Your Brother," which emphasizes the special bond between brothers and their new baby siblings. From School Library Journal Kindergarten-Grade 2–These books are essentially identical except for a few minor stereotypical differences such as showing the girl's toys to include makeup whereas the boy has tools. Each one is a didactic exploration of how a household gets ready for a new baby and what it means to be the older sibling. Readers are cautioned about dangerous toys versus safe toys and are advised to always wash their hands before touching the baby's hands and toys. One page answers the question, Mommy, how will the baby come out of your belly? and the uterus and the birth canal are introduced. The books address the logistics of who will care for the child while Mommy's in the hospital, which in these cases is Grandma. Finally, several pages are devoted to the older sibling's role: Being a big brother [sister] means being a teacher and an example to your sister or brother. While much useful information is imparted here, the writing is stilted and lackluster. The clarity of the page design along with bright, simple line drawings will help attract readers' attention, but may not sustain it with these overly idealistic presentations. –Martha Topol, Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City, MI Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Review "An excellent tool for both parent and child for dealing with one of the most challenging developmental stages, another sibling."  —Don Elium, author,  Raising a Son; Raising a Daughter;  Raising a Teenager; and Raising a Family "As a hospital perinatal and health educator, issues about siblings often come up in the course of classes I teach. I'm so relieved to finally have such a wonderful book to recommend to them."  —Georgia Montgomery, CD, CCE, LE BLS, www.marinbirthingandparenting.com "The quality of the book is terrific, very well done. The book is very clear and thorough in its explanation."  —Parental Wisdom About the Author Brenda Bercun is a clinical nurse specialist in child and family mental health, a pediatric nurse-practitioner, and a mother of two. She lives in Larkspur, California. Sue Gross is an illustrator and printmaker. She lives in Carnelain Bay, California.


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