HydroShield Face Emulsion by Dr. Denese SkinScience

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Why is it different: HydroShield with AcquaCell Technology works to hydrate the skin, to reduce transepidermal water loss and thereby soften the appearance of dry lines and wrinkles. It addresses skin that is dry, parched, has visible dry lines and wrinkles, feels uncomfortable, and looks old. This emulsion delivers hydration to the skin, leaving it smooth, supple, and youthful-looking. In a clinical study,it decreased transepidermal water loss on average by 41%, with a maximum improvement of 57% after a single application. Independent clinical study showed that skin moisture content increased on average by 74%, with a maximum improvement of 151% within 30 minutes after a single application. Sodium PCA is a key moisturizing entity that is found naturally in young skin to keep skin hydrated and pliable. As we age, Sodium PCA levels decline. HydroShield Face Emulsion supplies Sodium PCA to the skin.


  • What is it: HydroShield Face Emulsion with AcquaCell Technology is a breakthrough face cream that is able to address perhaps the most important reason why our skin develops dry lines and wrinkles: Transepidermal water loss. It also supplements one of the most critical moisturizing entities in the skin that we lose as we age: Sodium PCA.
  • Who is it for: Anyone with dehydrated, dry, parched, or old-looking skin; anyone who suffers from increased Transepidermal water loss, which manifests itself as more and more visible dry lines and wrinkles. If your skin still looks dry no matter what you try, this is the cream for you.
  • Usage: Apply in the morning after your HydroShield Serum and before your SPF 30 Defense Day Cream. At night use as your last step after your HydroShield Face Serum.

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