Herbal Secrets Organic Ground Flaxseed 2 Lbs Excellent Vegan Source of Fiber & Omega - Fatty Acids USDA Certified Organic- Promotes Joint Health Supports Healthy Weight Management

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Flax seeds are one of nature's most nutrient dense super foods. Able to play an important role in a balanced, healthy diet, flaxseed has been shown to be an excellent source of: - FLAX SEED FIBER to support weight management and digestive health - FLAX SEED LIGNANS to provide antioxidant protection for the body and support a healthy heart - OMEGA 3 & 6 FATTY ACIDS for heart, brain, skin, hair and nail health - PROTEIN for healthy body tissues - THIAMIN for metabolism support and hair, skin, muscle and brain health - NIACIN for a healthy heart and nervous system - FOLATE for cellular health and metabolism support - PANTOTHENIC ACID for hormone production, brain health and healthy red blood cells - VITAMIN B6 for sleep regulation, appetite control, mood support, immune support and a healthy heart - CALCIUM for a healthy heart, bones and teeth - MAGNESIUM for nervous system and muscle function and healthy bones - PHOSPHOROUS for healthy bones and teeth and cellular function - IRON for supporting red blood cell production - POTASSIUM for electrolyte balance, heart health, muscle functioning and nervous system signalling - ZINC for your immune system and antioxidant protection - MANY OTHER NUTRIENTS Herbal Secrets Organic Ground Flaxseeds Natural Dietary Supplement is an easy way to get the benefits of flax seed in your diet. Our ground flaxseed can be enjoyed in many tasty ways and our flax seeds organic ground product is USDA-certified, you can be sure that it's truly natural.

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